Spectacular Girl LLC is a creative marketing agency that specializes in beauty and fashion. Spectacular Girl LLC is on a mission to create a community for fashion and beauty that celebrates kindness and accepts differences. That’s why Spectacular Girl is the beauty and fashion hangout spot!

We enjoy doing beauty and fashion and we are trying and learning new things everyday. We accept that we’re not perfect and we may not know everything about beauty and fashion. Sometimes our opinions and knowledge about things in beauty and fashion may change overtime.


Annie Darling calls all her community members Darlings and we welcome anyone of any background regardless of gender, age, sexuality, country, social status, religion, disabilities and any other attributes. However, we do not tolerate hate and such users will be blocked from content as needed.

Why are we called Darlings?

Telugu actor Prabhas in movie Darling

Annie Darling had an obsession with the Telugu movie actor Prabhas and he calls all his fans darlings.


Some people call shopping their retail therapy. While we understand that shopping is no replacement for professional therapy we do believe that shopping can be therapeutic. Shopping can help you find products that solve problems in your life or make you feel better. We also do understand that shopping can be overwhelming and stressful at times because there are so many options out there.

Spectacular Girl is here to help alleviate the stress behind shopping and make it more enjoyable for you. It’s OK to have different opinions from what we recommend and it’s OK to disagree with what we recommend. Our opinions on our recommendations may also change. We ask that darlings be respectful when you share your own opinions. We will share deals and sales to the best of information but we have no control over those offers and events. Spectacular Girl LLC uses affiliate links majority of the time when recommending products. Spectacular Girl LLC may make commission when darlings purchase items using our affiliate links. Spectacular Girl LLC may also work with brands to recommend products and be compensated for recommendations. Despite being compensated for recommendations Spectacular Girl LLC will always look for products that are best for its darlings.

Nail Art

A lot of people bite their nails when their nervous! But if your nails had art on them you could look at the miniature art on your nails instead of biting them. Nail art is a great way to decrease anxiety and help you calm down as a therapeutic activity. You can visit a nail salon to relax or you can make your own nail salon at home. Taking the time to do a manicure or pedicure allows you to unwind and relax and make your nails look cute!


At Spectacular Girl we see makeup as a form of self-expression just like we see fashion. We wear makeup for ourselves and we like playing with different makeup products and trying different looks.


We are not dermatologists so we always recommend consulting with a professional first. Skincare is also meant to be therapeutic like nail care. Please watch out on how many products you try and remember that everyone has different skin. It’s important to pay attention to your own skin and observe. We recommend using a digital skincare diary to take pictures and notes of your skin. There’s an app called cloe that Annie Darling uses the free version of.


Everyone expresses themselves through their outfit choices. At Spectacular Girl we like playing around with different colors and styles.

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