How to Shop on a Budget for Shopaholics!

I never realized how much I struggled with this until I caught myself struggling with this today. Which is why I have come up with this game plan to help you guys shop on a budget so that way I can help myself too!

Shopping on a budget is the most annoying, irksome thing to do in the world. Most of the time we want to go beyond our budget and sometimes we really have nothing to spend to meet that budget and feel wrong for not maxing it out. Your budget may be based on a sale going on, the number of gift cards you have, personal allowance or anything. But whatever it is you will find yourself stressed. Which is why I have come up with these questions to ask yourself!

Q1) Save or Splurge?

The question here is can you save this 25 dollar budget for later to add on to next month and buy something you really wanted for 50 dollars. Or do you just really want something now? For me I tend to lean on the splurge side but saving is definitely important for when you want to treat yourself to something special. If you are really determined and passionate about that big item you wanna get you will get there but you have to kill your spending appetite meanwhile?

Q2) How often will you use it?

This comes under functionality and convenience. I like to use the makeup vs skincare war here. Sure I could buy myself a new skincare item but personally I love buying makeup over skincare! But I’m not a person who wears blue eyeshadow everyday! So is the blue shadow really better than the cleanser that I use everyday? This one is really hard because we want to treat ourselves but then we have to fight with necessities. Always prioritize your necessities and allow your most desired want to be fulfilled.

Q3) How long has it been since you wanted this?

I wanted a rose quartz facial roller since summer and I waited until October to get it. There’s this crystal nail file I bought in January that I wanted since last year. The crystal nail file has been kicked in and out of my want list due to my budgets and current demands. But lately it’s been one of the purchases I have loved the most! I feel like the longer you have waited for things the more trust you have in purchasing them and enjoy them more. I add tons of things to my cart when I see new things launched at Sephora but over the course of time I tend to lose interest in these things or find better alternatives. However there are things that just stay in my love list that I have loved from a long time and never actually bought yet. If you have loved it long enough you should go ahead and buy it. Trust me you deserve it! But if it’s something new then wait it out, it may go on sale or the reviews may end up being terrible.

That’s all the advice I have for buying on a budget. If you want to know how to set a budget my best advice is to have someone else set it the budget for you. Also using cash is a great trick to stay in a budget because once you’re outta cash you’re outta cash! There’s really only so much you can do to control yourself. If you’re a real beauty junkie like me you could buy a whole Sephora or Ulta out and still not be satisfied but that’s why we’re beauty junkies!

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