How I Became a Pinterest Pro

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My Story Starting Out With Pinterest

Pinterest is an excellent tool to for discovering your blog. I needed to increase my Pinterest traffic for this to happen. During, November of 2019 I opened a Pinterest for my blog. I had a personal Pinterest but I wanted one focused just on my blog. When I first joined Pinterest I was getting a bunch of views, as I was a new user but then afterwards that just died. Months of zero views regardless of what I did. I tried adding all the pins from my personal account to my blogger account and deleted my personal account. My thought process on this was having more pins would help but it didn’t seem to do anything. Overall I was just a fail at Pinterest and had pretty much given up.

Trying to learn how to increase Pinterest traffic

I had read lots of websites online and tried to understand the Pinterest algorithm. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of information on Pinterest out there. Most people like to focus on Instagram and YouTube but Pinterest is a great social platform! I did read a few free guides on Pinterest but they weren’t really helpful. A lot of them were really vague and weren’t providing the help I needed. There were still many unanswered questions I had out there. Nothing was helping me increase my Pinterest traffic. I still had zero views on Pinterest, no traffic whatsoever.

Enrolling in a Pinterest Course to increase Pinterest traffic

Till date I had never enrolled in a paid course other than SAT. Enrolling in paid courses scares me because I worry that it won’t be my money’s worth. However, paid courses seemed to be the only way to escalate my Pinterest. I tried experimenting and learning it on my own so it’s time to give the expert a shot. For the Pinterest course I enrolled in I went with a Boss Girl Bloggers course. The instructor of the course (Lauren) EllDuclos has 6 million monthly viewers on Pinterest! (as of April 2020). Her real results is what drove me to enrolling in the course. Plus there’s 30 day refund policy if you’re not happy which made me feel more comfortable with it.

After Enrolling in the Pinterest Course

I purchased the course on March 16th 2020. The course was very easy to follow through and didn’t take a lot of time to get through. The tough part was putting in the hard work to get my Pinterest to where it needs to be. Lauren, the instructor, is very helpful and willing to answer your additional questions if you contact her. Surprisingly it didn’t take long for my strategies to start showing results! This was the progress I made in one month. I put consistent efforts in for the first two weeks and started becoming lazy with it afterwards but still made great progress.

Here’s my statistics as of April 29th 2020. As you can see before I enrolled in the course I was making no progress at all! I hope my story about Pinterest inspires you and gives you hope to succeed. And remember that this course I enrolled in is like an investment! You could struggle learning it all by yourself like I did or save time and succeed now! I wish you all the best on your Pinterest journeys and feel free to ask my any questions in the comments or DM me on Instagram!

My most successful Pin on Pinterest