How Amazon Slowly Took Over My Shopping Sprees

It’s official, I’m an Amazon addict at this point in my life and I’m sure I’m not the only one out there. Though Amazon has been around for a while it seems like this company has only recently been becoming a major part of our lives and we can’t seem to live without it! But first I would like to share with you guys all about Amazon Locker because a lot of people out there are missing out on this great experience!

How Amazon Locker Works?

I have used the Amazon Locker service twice now and I absolutely love it! It makes package delivery feel so much safer and it’s quite convenient. And Amazon Locker is free! There is no additional cost to have your items delivered here so why not take advantage of the service! Read on to see how Amazon Locker works!

  • Order Items on Amazon! Browse for items on Amazon and then add them to your cart. Do be aware that not all items can be shipped to an Amazon Locker. Items that are of large size will not be delivered to an Amazon Locker and also some items that require special handling like nail polishes will not be delivered.
  • Find an Amazon Locker: Use your zip code or a landmark to find your nearest Amazon Locker. The lockers are usually public and accessible to all.
  • Wait for your items to be delivered: This part is just like any other order you wait for the item to be delivered to the locker. Once it’s delivered you will receive an email with a barcode and a pin to retrieve your items.
  • Go to the Amazon Locker: There are no timings for the Amazon Locker as there is no person operating these lockers and it’s all remote like an ATM. Just go to the screen and scan your barcode or enter the pin. The Amazon Locker will be bright yellow like a school bus or the Amazon logo color.
  • Retrieve your Amazon Order: The locker containing your item will pop open and then you will have your item!

My Lifetime TimeLine with Amazon

Starting you guys off with a lifetime timeline with Amazon so we can understand how Amazon entered my life. This is my lifetime experience before I was a Prime member and made less than 10 orders a year. There are purchases made every year however I only highlighted certain years in my timeline to highlight the changes in what I bought on Amazon.

2003- Now obviously a 3 year old can’t order things on Amazon but this is when my mom started shopping on Amazon and it was for me. To buy toys! According to Amazon the first order she made was a toy called Tickle Toes which is basically a talking foot that makes you play a game where you try to press the toes that light up. Honestly it was a really annoying toy.

2009- The time when I grew out of toys and moved onto video games! We started buying stuff for the Wii on Amazon.

2012- When I was obsessed with nail art phase. I bought nail art tools, stickers and brushes which came all the way from Thailand!

2014- So according to Wikipedia Amazon had launched in India in June 2013 and I moved to India in July 2013 so I never used Amazon in 2013 as it was still new. But I started using it in 2014 to buy books. Now normally in America I would go to the library or buy a book from the Scholastic Book Fair or Barnes and Nobles. But in India there were no libraries and the bookstores were far so Amazon seemed to be the best option.

2015 and 2016- Now we also ordered stuff from Amazon.com which was stuff my dad got delivered to his hotel and he brought in his suitcase to India like my laptop, graphing calculator and beloved Batman Hat.

So basically here’s how my Amazon shopping needs were: Toys, Video Games, Nail Art, Books and Gadgets.

Once I became an Amazon Prime Member

So flashforward to 2020 where I have been an Amazon Prime member for almost 6 months (my free trial ends in February) and wow can I say I have become an Amazon addict! A lot has changed with Amazon since 2003 and the company has become a bigger part of our lives. Amazon is now my #1 place to go for shopping and I even own an Alexa at home. I now rent my textbooks, watch movies, get my beauty products, furniture, stationary, birthday gifts, organizers and tech accessories all from Amazon.

box inside of an Amazon Locker

So how did it take over my shopping life?

The answer to this is simple! LAZINESS AND CONVENIENCE! Why surf the web for a million stores to buy a pencil sharpener or drive across town to a Staples when I can just pop up Amazon click on ship with Prime and pick the first pencil sharpener I see and have it at my doorstep after a day.

Why Amazon is so Successful!

  • Prime Membership comes with Prime Video included and has both two day and sometimes even one day delivery options. Prime Video in my opinion is far better than Netflix! It’s cheaper for the plans and it has a much larger collection of content, especially for Bollywood movies and Tollywood movies which is a must for me! The 2 day shipping and in some cases even 1 day shipping is irresistible. Most stores have you make a minimum order purchase before you buy get free shipping but with Amazon there isn’t any of that drama!
  • The favorite “Amazon Choice” badge. For some reason when something has an Amazon Choice badge we automatically assume that it’s a great product. Going back and looking at my order now and realizing that literally all my items have an Amazon Choice badge. And in some cases we also have the #1 Best Seller in X Category. These unique ratings that you can only find on Amazon is what makes Amazon so successful. People are nervous to buy things online and are always spending time diligently going through reviews. However, on Amazon once you see that it’s a number one seller or Amazon Choice winner the anxiety of buying that product diminishes which makes us buy the product faster and feel more confident in our purchase.
  • Collection! Amazon probably has the largest collection of items to choose from because they work with so many sellers and there is no physical stores (except for the pop ups). This large endless pages of variety is what makes Amazon so exciting and feasible for everyone!
  • You probably get a lot of Amazon gift cards anyways! I don’t know about you but out of all the gift cards I receive most of them are for Amazon. This is because an Amazon gift card is literally the easiest gift card to give someone. You don’t have to know anything at all about this person because they can treat themselves to anything they like. In fact we could probably make Amazon gift cards its own currency 😂
  • More than Shopping! As I mentioned earlier, Amazon’s video streaming service Prime Video is an excellent video service but they have way more than this and shopping. Amazon also does web services, Amazon Music, Audible, Kindle, Alexa and they own Whole Foods and a bunch of other businesses.
  • Save with Coupon: On Amazon the coupons are clipped directly to the product so you can see that you have savings before hand. Most retailers have you find coupons through their promotional emails or third party sites but Amazon does not do that. The fact that their coupons are clipped to the product is what makes shopping with Amazon so effective and easy.
  • Excellent Customer Service: If you ever have a delivery that is running late then go ahead and contact Amazon customer service. They have always compensated me with Amazon credit to makeup for the inconvenience and they take note of it so they can improve their delivery service.

So that’s my take on Amazon! Let me know in the comments what are your favorite things to buy from Amazon and how has Amazon influenced your life!

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