Luxury Department Stores

Luxury department stores are stores that sell high end products from luxury and designer brands. They usually offer free shipping as a part of their prestige prices. I usually shop in the clearance sections of these stores to see if I can grab a good deal.

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Department Stores

Department stores sell products from a variety of categories. In my posts I will be mostly focused on woman’s clothing.

Accessories/Jewelry/Shoe Stores

Accessories can be things like hats, scarves, watches and jewelry is like earrings, necklaces and bracelets. I will also include handbags under this category.

Retail Stores

The most popular category! Retail stores can be online or in-store. They are mostly found in malls and their items are sold only be the retailer. You cannot find their items anywhere else unless it’s used.

Boutiques and Designer Clothing

Boutiques are typically smaller clothing stores and the clothing tends to be more girly. Designer clothing is luxury clothing made by a designer. I merged this category because I haven’t reviewed many stores from this category.

Clothing Lines

Clothing lines are clothing brands that can be bought from the retailer itself or bought through a department store.

Other Shopping

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