Shopping Diaries

Meet my Wallet: TBT Vera Bradley Shopping

So after buying my new Calvin Klein Crossbody Bag which felt amazing but caused some room problems inside my purse, I realized I needed a new wallet. Now I use a long fold wallet so it’s large and it has multiple compartments with card holders and a zip pocket too. The back zipper has been broken but I still use it. And then I changed my type of wallet to a coin purse.

I decided to buy a Vera Bradley wallet as I was looking for something branded yet inexpensive from other branded items. The goal was to spend less than $30 because I didn’t want my wallet to be more expensive than my purse. I remember Vera Bradley as that cool brand that everyone in middle school had who didn’t own Coach or Louis Vuittons. However, I was the Claires kid so I never got a chance to try out the brand! For those of you who don’t know Vera Bradley they are very popular for their patterned designs and this is what makes their items so unique.

Something special about Vera Bradley is the material is washable so this is good for anyone who thinks they can get messy or dirty with their bags. The material of these products are like cotton so it’s really soft which I kinda like. Fun fact about Vera Bradley (found this on their Instagram story) they have a team of colorists that go through the Munsell Color Test. That’s the secret behind how their colors are so perfect!

So I bought the Vera Bradley Iconic Coin Purse in Dream Tapestry. This was one of their sale items as they were planning to discontinue the design. Personally I didn’t see anything wrong with these designs on sale, I think they were just getting rid of the old to bring in the new. The dimensions of this purse are 4.75 inches wide and 3.5 inches high.

The coin purse is quilted and comes with a small loop inside to put a lip balm. There’s a zipper closure to keep coins securely inside. A slip in pocket to keep your credit/debit cards in. And the rest of the purse can store your cash, rewards cards and gift cards. Overall I really like my coin purse and I’m glad I got it!

Vera Bradley has 15% off for students! Not a student? Use my discount code below!