I Rented Clothes with Infinite Style by Ann Taylor

The same day I discovered that American Eagle had a rental service, I wanted to find out what other retailers were following this trend and that’s when I discovered Ann Taylor’s Infinite Style. You can find the site in the header on Ann Taylor’s main website.

Personally, till date I have never shopped at Ann Taylor. But I am very familiar with the brand, love their clothes, visited their shops and follow them on Instagram. Why haven’t I ever bought anything? Well, their prices are a little on the pricier side so I have been awaiting a sale. Plus, their style is very sophisticated and doesn’t match my wardrobe so if I bought something from them I would be on the hunt for a full outfit. But now I finally get to try out the brand! So yay me!

So here’s what I noticed about this rental service. It’s extremely similar to American Eagle’s Style Drop. However, Infinite Style is $95 per month and they do offer dry cleaning. I think the price is fair considering Ann Taylor is a more expensive brand.

So I started this subscription on October 29th which is the same day I did the AE Style Swap. 2 days later I got an email saying my items were out to be shipped. And these are the 20 items I picked for my closet.

I didn’t really have a theme going for how I picked items. I just tried to include a little bit of tops and bottoms so I had outfit possibilities but I didn’t really envision outfits and create them.

The Box is Here

Outfits by Box

Box 1

Box 2

Box 3

I would say my favorite look would be the leopard print top. Overall I had a pretty good experience with this rental service, however for $80 a month I definitely don’t think it’s worth it. I wish I had received more clothes that would have made the $80 more worth it. I think it’s better to purchase Ann Taylor clothes as they definitely are high quality clothes! Personally I liked the clothes that I got in this subscription better than my American Eagle rental but for the price I would rather settle for American Eagle. This rental service definitely does make me want to go ahead and buy Ann Taylor clothes in the future. But I definitely wish I had gotten more clothes than what they sent me.

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