Francesca’s Clothing Review

I first shopped at Francesca’s online back in 2017 during Christmas time to buy myself some dresses. I discovered the brand through a friend of mine who buy a lot of dresses from here. Francesca’s is a boutique and it has a very cute girly aesthetic to it. Francesca’s is a little pricier in my opinion about clothes but I always buy my clothes from their sale section and I have gotten amazing deals! Every dress pictured below cost me less than $20. I would say the color selection and variety of clothes is really good. They do sell clothes that aren’t Francesca’s brand. These brands still do resemble Francesca’s quality and aesthetic so it isn’t too much to worry about.

I really like how Francesca’s stores are boutique style. They have a really succinct collection and it just makes shopping so much easier! They also have a pick-up in store option which I used to get that black dress in the top right picture! This is just nice when you don’t want to pay for shipping and you can also try on the item right there at the boutique to make sure everything fits well. Their customer service is also really friendly! I had one of my items canceled because it went out of stock after my purchase and customer service had me get a refund and a $15 Francesca’s gift card for my inconvenience (That’s how I got that black dress for free in the top right corner picture!) Let me know what you think about Francesca’s in the comments

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