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Ethical Clothing

Ethical clothing. A term that is growing rapidly in the world of fashion as we break away from fast fashion and become more self-conscious of where our clothes are produced and the conditions of the factories that these clothes are produced in.

Everlane’s connection to Ethical Clothing

Everlane is a brand that is all about radical transparency and making good quality basics. I came across the brand less than a year ago as I was doing research on ethical fashion and brands fighting against fast fashion. So I came across an advertisement on their Instagram today which offered free shipping, which is what got me to try to buy something from them.

First I went on their website and browsed through the categories. One of the first things I noticed was that they had a Cold Weather Shop, which I browsed through to take a look at winter weather clothes. I also noticed that they had a section for Corduroy which is great as Corduroy is on trend now. But what intrigued me the most is that they don’t have a traditional “Sale” section but they instead have something called “Choose What You Pay” which is like a sale section.

everlane cost breakdown of jeans

As Everlane is an ethically conscious brand price is not a major focus for them when selling items. You cannot change the filter for “Price Low to High”, which I don’t know about you but that’s always the first thing I do when I’m online shopping.

So I ended up purchasing jeans from their “Choose What You Pay” section. What I found really fascinating is that they told you the factory of where the item was produced. And they also had pictures of different models of different sizes wearing the jeans so you had more visualization options.

Up above is the packaging that it came in, as you can see their packaging is very simple and environmentally friendly.

Those are some closeups of the jeans. They felt very rigid when I was holding them. And below is a message from Everlane that came in the package.

everlane message

Overall I had a pretty good experience with Everlane and I think it’s really great that companies are trying to be more ethical in their production. I usually buy my jeans from Hollister but it was fun to try out another brand! Let me know in the comments what are some of your favorite things you have bought from Everlane or what is something that you would like to try from Everlane!

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