One-Size, No-Size or My Size? (Brandy Melville)

Hello Darlings! So I’m back with another shopping experience and this one was also from my trip to Austin, TX. So today we’re here talking about Brandy Melville. Please note this post is not sponsored it’s just my general experience of Brandy Melville. So I think I discovered this brand about a year ago when I was looking for clothing brands that would work well for skinny, petite people like me and that’s how I came across Brandy Melville. Now the online shop didn’t seem so appealing to use. It looked pretty different from normal online sites I shop at as it wasn’t very flashy or crisp which alarmed me. Plus there’s no free shipping unless you spend over a $100.

For those of you whom have never heard about the brand, Brandy Melville is an Italian Clothing Brand that sells one-size clothing. It’s target market is essentially young teen girls. Even in their stores the employees also fall under this category. Brandy Melville does receive a lot of hate for its one-size clothing.

If you’re like me you have probably seen many of those YouTube videos where they have people of all sizes try on one-size clothing and most of the time it doesn’t go very well. Now personally I’m usually an XS or in some cases XXS or S. Overall finding clothing that fits me right can be a struggle which is one-size clothing is something that I look forward to. Now before I share my experience I just want tell you that overall I did pretty well with these. Probably because my size was easy to work with for one-size, which is why I currently love one-size clothing as it seems to work for me. Now I know one-size clothing gets a lot of hate because reality is no matter how hard we try we can’t just put everyone under one label. We’re all unique and we shouldn’t have to force ourselves into other sizes! Love your own size and be yourself! One-size clothing in my opinion is just adjustable clothing which may or may not be adjustable enough for everyone.

I bought a plaid skirt that was $28. They do have a very strict returns and exchange policy which isn’t very easy to work with. Overall I really liked the brand as it felt like the perfect niche for me being a teen girl and having that one size fits all is also great! What I love about the skirt I bought is it comes with adjustable buttons and an adjustable belt so I never have to worry about it not fitting right which is amazing! And for someone like me who struggles to find the perfect size, well this right here is the perfect solution.

I do wish their brand had a neater presentation in terms of accessibility to buying things and more options. I didn’t buy any tops here because they seemed way too form fitting for me. Although I may give them a shot in the future. I would appreciate it if they had more locations and a better returns policy and a nicer online store. I do have a Brandy Melville in Boston City but the reviews for it on Google are so bad that I never wanted to try it. But after going to the one in Texas I may give it a shot later on this year. But anyhow let’s hope for the best! I have already received many compliments on my skirt 🙂

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