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Brandy Melville Review – The One Size Clothing Shop

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Hello Darlings! So I’m back with another shopping experience and this one was also from my trip to Austin, TX. So today we’re here talking about my Brandy Melville review. I discovered this brand about a year ago when I was looking for clothing brands that would work well for skinny, petite people like me and that’s how I came across Brandy Melville. Now the online shop didn’t seem so appealing to use so I never shopped online. Plus there’s no free shipping unless you spend over a $100.

outfit created with brandy melville skirt

Why Doesn’t Brandy Melville Have Sizes?

Brandy Melville’s whole concept around their store is one size clothing. This means that there are no sizes and all the clothing items are the same size. This is great for them as a retailer because it’s easier for them to maintain stock without having to worry about stocking each size. As a consumer it’s easier to find clothing without worrying about the size.

Personally I like their one size clothing but Brandy Melville does receive a lot of hate for not having sizes. Many people thinks it’s unfair to throw everyone in one category. It’s not inclusive to those who can’t fit into the clothing. For me the one-size clothing really works well as I’m petite. However, for someone plus-sized I wouldn’t recommend the one-size clothing.

Now I know one-size clothing gets a lot of hate because reality is no matter how hard we try we can’t just put everyone under one label. We’re all unique and we shouldn’t have to force ourselves into other sizes! Love your size and be yourself! One-size clothing in my opinion is just adjustable clothing which may or may not be adjustable enough for everyone.

Review of Purchase

I bought a plaid skirt that was $28. They do have a very strict returns and exchange policy which isn’t very easy to work with. Overall I really liked the brand as it felt like the perfect niche for me being a teen girl and having that one size fits all is also great! What I love about the skirt I bought is it comes with adjustable buttons and an adjustable belt so I never have to worry about it not fitting right which is amazing! And for someone like me who struggles to find the perfect size, well this right here is the perfect solution.

I do wish their brand had a neater presentation in terms of accessibility to buying things and more options. I didn’t buy any tops here because they seemed way too form-fitting for me. Although I may give them a shot in the future. I would appreciate it if they had more locations and a better returns policy and a nicer online store. I have already received many compliments on my skirt 😊 Let me know what your Brandy Melville Review in the comments!

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