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Hey everyone! So for those of you who are bad or new to nail polish and the nail world I thought of making a special article just for you. This article will answer all your questions and provide you with any tips you may need.

Questions and Answers about Nails and Nail Polish

What kind of nail polish remover should I use?

Acetone free is good for your nails however acetone is great to remove glitter nail polish. So it’s up to you.

How do I keep my nails in shape?

Just cut your nails in a square shape, oval or squoval. And then file them correctly.

How do I prevent my nails from staining?

ALWAYS use a base coat. Also always buff your nails and try to prevent using dark polishes as they will stain your nails easier. However if you use a base coat dark polishes shouldn’t be a problem.

How do my nails get bigger?

😂😂 Your nails don’t really get that big! All you have to do is soak your nails in water and moisturize your cuticles with a cuticle moisturizer or Vaseline and then push them back with a cuticle pusher. Never cut your cuticles. Also if you grow out your nails a bit they appear bigger. However don’t grow them out too much as there are chances of them breaking.

I have always had bad polish or my polish always goes bad what can I do?

You don’t really need costly nail polish. Even regular drugstore brands like Wet n Wild, Revlon, Sally Hansen and Maybelline work amazing! The shelf life of nail polish is like 1-2 years but I have many polishes that I have used longer than that. Keep your polishes in a room temperature place like a bedroom. Don’t keep them in the bathroom because there’s a lot of moisture in there. Try to keep them on a shelf or somewhere where they can stand up and won’t get knocked down.

If you do keep them in a drawer ensure there’s something to prevent
them from falling down and letting the polish get stuck up top. If your polish is like over 2 years old or you’ve used it a lot rotate the bottle up and down continuously letting the polish flow up and down. Never shake! After doing that for about 30 seconds roll the bottle in between your palms for another 30 seconds. Make sure that the rim of the nail polish bottle is always clean don’t let any dry polish settle there and form another rim because this will leave air spaces in the bottle allowing air to enter inside. Close the bottles tightly after use and never leave it open for long. If the polish is really goopy and bad do not put nail polish remover! Instead add a few drops of nail polish thinner.

How can I get the polish off my skin?

You can apply glue, tape, Vaseline or liquid latex around the nail and you can remove it after painting. Or you can dip a cotton swab in remover after you’re done painting and take it off. However most of the time we just get some on our cuticles so that usually will come off in the shower if you rub a bit with soap.

How long should my nails dry for?

When applying polish ensure that you paint thin layers and wait 2 mins for each layer or design to dry. Meanwhile you can listen to like one song and after that song is over you can move onto the next step, this is usually how I time the drying time. However for top coat wait 30 mins before applying it so it won’t get smeared. Make sure the formula touches the nail mainly not the brush this is what causes smearing.

Is there any way to dry my nails faster?

There are like express finish or like top speed polishes which claim they will dry in 60 seconds. Also you can dip your nails in cold water. However I don’t recommend trying to speed up the process. If you are in a hurry use fake nails or something or keep a simple manicure.

Hope this helps and keep painting! If you still have more questions feel free to ask me in the comments.

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