Cute Ladybug Manicure

Ladybug #2Ladybugs are the so tiny yet so cute and they’re perfect for your nails! So why not have them on your nails. This how-to is mainly based upon a bobby pin as a tool, so it won’t be that hard!

1. Prep nails and paint base coat

2. Paint all nails with a bright red.

3. Make four dots on thumb to the top of the nail in every corner using a bobby pin head. 

4. Make a line in between the gap of the dots using a bobby pin. (Just dot your way down forming a line)

5. Fill bottom part of nail by painting it black. 

6. Repeat this for the rest of your nails except pinky.

7. Using a bobby pin make haphazard dots on your pinky. 

8. Finish with top coat and done! 🙂

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