Trying LIVE TINTED Huestick in Origin

The Live Tinted Huestick: color corrector, eyeshadow, lipstick and blush all in one! So let’s start off with how I discovered the brand. I remember finding the founder of TINTED (Deepica) on my Instagram feed for some popular brand doing a video. Once I became interested in her through this Instagram video I started exploring more about her and became a fan! Deepica became famous for her red lipstick color correction hack. I really connected to her fans. We even had a fun conversation about an Indian movie reference to her under the eyes lipstick. And then I went to the extent of making a Tik Tok on the movie scene we were talking about!

conversation in Youtube comments making a movie reference to the Live Tinted Huestick
My Tik Tok from Manmadhudu Lipstick Scene

So these Live Tinted Huesticks launched in about May of 2019 and I had always been interested in trying them out. I never bought makeup outside of a mass merchandiser like Sephora, Ulta, CVS etc. Trying out a unique makeup brand like that is only on its own website was an interesting experience.

This is the profile page on LIVE Tinted. As you can see it’s very personal and they even give recognition to pronouns.

a screenshot of the Live Tinted website user profile page

How to Use Live Tinted Huestick?

What I liked about Live Tinted Huestick!

  • Super Simple purchase: One product, three shades, you pick a shade according to your skin tone it’s not rocket science.
  • Super Fast Purchase: Like I mentioned earlier not a lot of choices so you end up making the purchase quickly and it’s a password-less sign in.
  • Profile: A lot of online shopping sites have you fill in a profile but this profile feels so much more real and personalized
  • Packaging: It came in a nice package in the mail as well as the product packaging itself it really nice it comes in copper which is quite different from traditional makeup packaging.
  • The message: Tinted is a community that tries to include people of all backgrounds which is something that interested in me in standing up for.
girl holding live tinted huestick in origin

I purchased the shade Origin and so far I have been really liking it! It was a bit confusing at first to be honest because there’s a lot of freedom with this product. And it’s really not that hard to use which is exactly what made it confusing for me. I’m so used to following a tutorial or specific instructions on how to use a makeup item but with the huestick the power is in your hands and the possibilities are endless. Hopefully however it is I intend to use it I hope to make the best of it and I’m so glad I got to try this out!

Watch this video to see me doing a tutorial on how to use the Live Tinted Huestick to color correct, apply a blush, lipstick and eyeshadow.