Lipstick Love (My Lippies Collection Breakdown)

Hello Darlings! For today’s post this all started out when I was planning on buying a new lipstick but the thing was I didn’t know what color I wanted to buy. Which is what started this crazy post on analyzing my lippies! Now I don’t know about you but lippies are my favorite makeup items to buy and wear. I personally just love how they add that dash of color to your face and change up your whole look. So let me introduce you to my terrific team of twenty!

Here are lip swatches I did of my lippies.

I tried keeping all the same color families in the same collage for easy comparison but that didn’t work out perfectly. The picture below is the emoji label for each lippie.

So after I did swatches of my lippies it was easy for me to compare to pictures online of more lippies that I could buy. But I took it a step further and did a data analysis just like I did for my wardrobe.

And I showed these in graphs to make it more visually pleasing 😁

The types of finishes for lip products in general are matte, velvet, satin, sheer and glossy. I found this too confusing for my collection so I left that detail out. Generally for lipsticks and crayons I prefer a matte and liquid I like to be glossy.I learned that I don’t have purples orange or any unconventional colors like blue. Which is sad because I want to add a few but I’m worried how they will look on me. I definitely need to go easy on buying the pinks!I definitely do feel like there’s a difference in quality of high end lipsticks and low end lipsticks in terms of wear and comfort but the overall look of them and color payoff is generally the same. I think in the future I will spend more money on my pinks and buy my other colors from the drugstore.

I hope you guys liked this and let me know in the comments if you wish to see more like this! And please follow and share my blog! And check me out on other platforms!

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  1. I really love how you uses charts and tables to help decipher what everything is, great post and lipstick collection! I took a break from blogging for a while but I’m now back and so excited to get back into it, so would love if you wanted to check it out! x

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