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Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Her

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Valentine’s day is right around the corner! Whether you’re single or taken you should take this day to treat yourself and show people you care and spread the love! That’s why I have come up with valentines day gift ideas for her!

1) Chocolates

heart shaped box for valentines day gift ideas
The usual box of chocolates I find myself getting during this time of year!

Giving chocolates on valentine’s day is such a classic move, because after halloween it’s probably the only other time of year you will get so much candy. And chocolates are easily available at any local drugstore or grocery store. You can also order them online if you’re staying at home! Below are some of my favorite chocolates. As you can see I’m a sucker for milk chocolate!

2) At Home Spa Day!

We all need some self-care sometimes and there’s nothing better than an at home spa day. This is something that can be enjoyed solo or with a partner. For the ultimate spa day experience, I recommend buying some face masks, foot bath, a diffuser, headband, and bath robe!

Looking for a more high end spa day? Check out these high tech skincare products from FOREO! The FOREO Luna 3 is a facial cleansing and massaging tool. FOREO Iris is an eye massaging tool. FOREO UFO 2 is a high tech smart mask that uses LED therapy in addition to heating and cooling sensations. FOREO Bear Mini, their newest product which I am yet to own is a micro current device to help with anti-aging and toning your face.

3) A Stuffed Animal

I know this one might sound silly but you are never too old for a stuffed animal! A stuffed animal is an adorable gift to give someone on valentine’s day. You can use them to decorate around the house or just have them hang out on your bed!

4) Jewelry!

Earrings, necklaces, bracelets or even a ring if you wanna take it a step further 😉 There are so many stores that sell spectacular jewelry and jewelry is always a great statement piece. Jewelry is a great gift that stays special and can really be a nice piece to complete a person’s outfit!

5) Perfume

What could be better than a great scent! Here are some of my favorite perfumes! Personally I’m a huge lover of warm and floral scents. It’s important to know their tastes in perfume when you are gifting. Here are my favorite perfumes!

6) Eyeshadow Palette/Makeup Gift Set

Eyeshadow palettes are great because there’s lots of colors in them and you don’t have to worry about finding the right shade.

That’s all for my Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her! Hope you liked them and let me know in the comments what you end up gifting her for Valentine’s Day! BTW if you’re looking to rent a cute dress for Valentines Day you can use my Wardrobe Discount Code: UJ83 to get $25 credit!

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