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How To Find the Perfect Gift – A Gift Giving Guide

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It’s December and the holidays are here! Whether you celebrate a holiday or not this December gift-giving is definitely a challenging thing for anyone. I’m not here to list a bunch of products for you to buy. Today I am here to teach you how to find the perfect gift.

So I’m gonna walk you through my gift-giving idea process that I did for a friend of mine and then I will share with you the tips. My friend’s birthday was on October 10th and she goes to college at Penn State. The idea came when she told me “I miss my dog.” That’s when I came up with the idea of giving her something related to her dog. Now first I thought of getting her personalized photoproduct of a collage with her and her dog from Snapfish.

However, Snapfish was a bit pricier, and to be honest my photos weren’t that great quality. So instead I got her a stuffed animal dog of a dog that looks very similar to hers. She absolutely loved this gift! She tells me about how everyone thinks the dog is so cute as soon as they walk into her room. And the best part is it was only $16 and it was with Amazon Prime so free shipping! You can check out the gift here.

Tips on How to Find The Perfect Gift

  • Money doesn’t matter– A lot of people think that the perfect gifts are the expensive things and the ones you spend a lot of money on and you should be spending more money on people that are closer to you but I say that’s all trash! If you know for a fact that the person you’re shopping for is genuinely a person with expensive tastes then you can be safe choosing to spend more money but for the most part, it really doesn’t matter. Also buying expensive gifts can make the recipient uncomfortable. They could feel bad that they didn’t give you an expensive gift in return. Plus people probably don’t how much you’re really spending on their gifts. For example, my mom receives expensive beauty & makeup gifts every now and then but she doesn’t know the value of these items because she isn’t aware of these high-end brand names. However, if someone really wants that expensive item then go ahead!
  • Gift Sets are actually helpful– I think giving people gift sets is actually a good idea. First of all, gift sets are nicely packaged so it gives a neater presentation when you gift it to someone. Also, the key here is “assortment”. An assortment of items makes a good gift because it leaves the recipient with more options so in case they don’t like one thing there’s always another thing for them.
  • Memorable- A good gift is something that the person should remember! And the best memories are made when you find something that touches their heart. Your recipient should be surprised by the gift that you give them and be delighted so keep that in your mind when buying a gift. Try to visualize the person opening it and seeing their reaction.
  • Personal Interest/Hobbies/Passions/Fandoms- Keeping in mind things that a person loves will greatly add to their gift. If you know that your friend is a Marvel fan then get them some Marvel Merchandise! Or if your friend loves dogs like mine then get them a stuffed animal dog like me. If you’re not sure what a person likes you can always strike up a conversation with them to talk about their interests. Or ask a friend of theirs to give you some advice. Check out who they’re following on Instagram if they follow a certain brand’s Instagram then you could easily get them something from there.
  • Collectibles- If you know that a person is a collector of a certain item then go ahead and help them add to that collection! Collectibles will range from person to person, some people are very specific and collect coins or it may just be something as simple as a shoe collector you never know!
  • See if they have a wishlist– If they are a shopaholic like me chances are they already have a wishlist up and running. Save the hassle and ask to see if they have one. Then just pick something from their wishlist that you think they will enjoy the most!

I hope this helps you guys figure out how to find the perfect gift for your special someone! Just remember all that matters most of all is that you present your gift with love! Let me know in the comments what you’re buying and don’t forget to like this post!

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