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The RealReal Review – Luxury Clothing

Hi Darlings! In this blog post I will be sharing with you my review of The RealReal. I have heard of TheRealReal but I honestly didn’t know what it was but a large online store for luxury items. My best friend told me that they were opening a store of The RealReal which is what made me explore this store. I didn’t think I would buy anything but I actually bought a skirt after using a coupon they gave!

What is The RealReal?

The RealReal is an authenticated luxury consignment store. You can consign your luxury items to the RealReal for them to sell and they will give you a percentage of them item’s worth to you. Customers can buy items from the Real Real for purchase that have been authenticated by the company. Authentication verifies that the items you buy are real and not fake. This removes the hassle of selling from the consignor and makes it safe for the customer to buy real luxury items. Hence the name “The RealReal”.

Levels of Quality for Used Items

The RealReal ranks their used items on different levels. I didn’t realize this until I started reading the description so make sure you read the description of the item you want before purchasing. Some items are new with tags but they seem to sell very few of these. Items for the RealReal are tagged as Pristine, Excellent, Very Good or Good. I thought excellent was the best but it turns out that pristine is even better! Most items seem to rank on very good.

cloth bag from real real
Here’s the cloth bag they sent me the skirt in.

What I bought

I bought the Diane Von Furstenberg Ruffle Embellishment Mini Skirt. This was in excellent condition which according to the RealReal means the item is clearly unused but has no price tags attached. I discovered that Jennifer Lopez wore this skirt in about 2011 on her American Idol tour! I thought that was cool but it also shows how old this skirt probably is. This skirt is a very cool gold color though so I thought it would be a fun addition to my closet.

picture of jennifer lopez and american idol cast
Here’s Jennifer Lopez wearing the exact same skirt for American Idol.

The original retail price is $350 but the RealReal sold it for $50 and I used a coupon afterwards.

Overall Review

I had a pretty good experience with the RealReal and this is my review. I would love to shop from them again in the future. This store is probably more interesting in person because you can try on the pieces there. Definitely plan on buying some fancy blazers and dresses. The only other second-hand retail place I have shopped from is Poshmark. In comparison to Poshmark this seems to be better for high-end items. While you can find high-end items on Poshmark they only authenticate items that have a minimum value of $500. TheRealReal on the other hand authenticates everything and you can also get something re-authenticated if you don’t feel it’s right. The company has a rigorous authentication process to begin with, so you shouldn’t run into any issues anyways.