The Perfect Purse Hunt

So this was a process of over 6 months not very intensive but basically a lot of researching.

Want List for my perfect purse

  1. Style: Crossbody  ( The style I’ve worn the most and felt convenient)
  2. Material: Saffiano leather (I wanted leather and I didn’t like pebbled leather so I learned about this from the pink Prada bag)
  3. Color: Black, Silver, White, Pink, Blue (This were my favorite/neutral colors)
  4. Brand: Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Coach, Kate Spade, Guess (This seemed to be brands that spoke to my style and that I could possibly afford else I would get Prada or Yves Saint Laurent!)
  5. Budget: Preferably under 50 dollars but no more than 100 dollars (I don’t spend a lot on items in general. I could never really wear anything expensive without being scared all the time of damage or losing it)
  6. Closure: Zip (Can’t risk losing stuff!)
  7. Shape: Horizontal rectangle (I realized I don’t like vertical bags because you have to reach in. I want everything laid out for me)
  8. Size: Preferably larger (I tend to carry a lot so I need that extra space)
  9. Design: Solid color no pattern (I need something neutral to go with everything)
  10.  Convenience & The Drop: Getting in and out is important as well as having it at an accessible length. 
The Solution

So I ended up buying the Calvin Klein Hayden Mercury Crossbody Bag. I got it for $38.49 at Macy’s! These are the dimensions of the bag  7-1/2″W x 5″H x 1-1/4 D

Only complaints is that the zip doesn’t close completely there is a little gap on the edge so something like a needle could slip but it’s not an issue it does bother me sometimes but it’s also kinda nice because I can get in and out of my bag faster. Also none of my wallets are fitting in this so I have to buy a new one and I prefer long wallets so this is sad 😭.