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Vera Bradley Review

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I remember back in middle school seeing all the beautiful patterned bags and wondering why is everyone obsessed with this brand! Well let’s learn a bit about Vera Bradley before I give my Vera Bradley Review.

About Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley is named after the mother of co-founder Barbara Baekgaard. The brand began between two friends Barbara Baekgaard and Patricia R. Miller when they realized that there was no good feminine looking luggage. Thus, Vera Bradley was born! Vera Bradley is famous for their iconic prints and smart styles.

Fun fact about Vera Bradley (found this on their Instagram story) they have a team of colorists that go through the Munsell Color Test. That’s the secret behind how their colors are so perfect!

How I came across the brand

I had recently purchased a Calvin Klein Crossbody Bag which felt amazing but caused some room problems inside my purse, I realized I needed a new wallet. At the time I was using a long fold wallet which would not fit inside this bag. So I was on the hunt for a smaller wallet.

I saw coin purses at Vera Bradley and figured they would be perfect for my new purse. Plus I had never tried the brand so I decided to give it a shot.

My Purchase

vera bradley iconic coin purse in dream tapestry purple and orange colors
Close up of my coin purse

So I bought the Vera Bradley Iconic Coin Purse in Dream Tapestry. This was one of their sale items as they were planning to discontinue the design. Personally I didn’t see anything wrong with these designs on sale, I think they were just getting rid of the old to bring in the new. The dimensions of this purse are 4.75 inches wide and 3.5 inches high.

The coin purse is quilted and comes with a small loop inside to put a lip balm. There’s a zipper closure to keep coins securely inside. A slip in pocket to keep your credit/debit cards in. And the rest of the purse can store your cash, rewards cards and gift cards. Overall I really like my coin purse and I’m glad I got it! I remember going into Panera Bread once and getting a compliment from the cashier on my coin purse!

Review of Vera Bradley

I think that Vera Bradley is a great brand to try out if you’re looking for something fun! I remember not being a fan of their designs when I was younger but I think it depends on the design. Some of them are actually really appealing whereas some I’m not that big of a fan of but everyone has their own tastes. I think the functionality of their products is really great! I was amazed at how organized my little coin purse is and how I’m able to fit so much. The prices are a little bit expensive as it’s more of a high end brand but if you find a great deal or use a coupon then it will be worth it!

Vera Bradley Cute Picks

Here are some latest products I found online that I liked!

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