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Ulta Beauty Review

So for my birthday I went to Ulta! I was excited because I have been a member for a while but never actually went shopping there. So this is going to be kinda a comparison to Sephora because I shop there often.

Ulta vs Sephora

  • Huge store in comparison to a Sephora and spread out! Probably have more products too.
  • They have a much wider price range which is so much more affordable. They sell drugstore products and luxury products.
  • They have coupons more often than Sephora does. Sephora only does coupons twice or thrice a year. The great thing about Ulta is that these coupons work for everyone whereas Sephora is based off your membership.
  • They do give birthday gifts just like Sephora they gave me a mascara but Sephora gave me much more for more my birthday.
  • They definitely offer a lot more services in store than Sephora but these are mostly paid as there isn’t much of that complimentary servicing.

So that’s what I love about Ulta! Share what you love about Ulta with me in the comments!

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