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TopShop Review

Hello Darlings! So for today I decided to talk about my experience with TopShop. For those of you who don’t know TopShop is a popular brand in the UK and they have outlet stores in the U.S but they are very limited in number and chances are there isn’t one near you. I personally really love European fashion so this brand was something I had to try out!

I bought the Sleeveless Ruched Tunic for $12 (pic says $10 but I paid $12) and free shipping. Honestly I forgot this was a top because it’s on the longer side I treat it like a dress.

Description of Item from TopShop: This red sleeveless tee’s warm tone will lift a casual look. The asymmetric hem is current, with the ruched detailing and drawstring at the front giving a flattering fit. Keep it simple with black denim and clean cut sandal heels. 48% Polyester, 48% Tencel, 4% Elastane. Machine wash.

Honestly it looked pretty good! I remember sharing the model pics with my friends after I ordered this and they thought it looked bad. But after seeing it on me they changed their mind. I think it was a cute design overall to have the oversized detail to the top with the orange color. (Because I feel like all the good stuff is either white or black). Only complaint is that after a few wears I had a ton of piling on the back of this. It could be my poor laundry skills or poor quality cloth, honestly I don’t know. The fabric feels really nice to touch which is why it disappoints me that it has piling on it already. You can’t see it from a distance though 😀

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