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The Complete Poshmark Guide for Beginners Selling

Poshmark! Basically the online version of thrift shopping. Personally, I have never bought anything thrift shopping. The idea of thrift shopping just never seemed appealing to me and I didn’t see why someone would want to buy clothes from thrift stores. Also, I have never sold anything that I owned in person or on the internet. But here I am today as a Posh Ambassador! So how did I get here?

How I become a Posher

Well, it all started with my excessive online shopping hauls. I was buying a bunch of clothes online to spend $50+ to get that free shipping and ended up with a bunch of clothes that I barely even tried on and it was too late to return. Plus to make matters worse I got skinnier and a lot of my clothes just wouldn’t fit. Well, I couldn’t really buy any more clothes because my gift cards were over and at this point in my life I didn’t have a job. So I began my Google searches of how to make money and that’s when I came across the idea of selling clothes. Honestly, I was shocked that this was an option! Do people really want to buy my clothes? And that’s when I discovered Poshmark a whole world of clothes!

What is Poshmark?

Poshmark is a community of fashion lovers where “Poshers” sell clothes from their closets. The idea behind it is that you’re buying clothes from a real person with a certain taste in clothes. Now these clothes don’t have to be worn, they can also be new with tags from people like buy who just buy a bunch of clothes online and never wear them. Now some people use Poshmark as their full time job and sell clothes for profit and make a ton of money. Where as most people like me are just trying to cleanse their closet and make some money to get the clothes they really want.

About my Poshmark Journey

I have been on Poshmark since July 2018 but I was only a user at this time I did not actually list anything on my closet. I started listing things on my closet in February 2019. And then I went on vacation for 2 months (Poshmark has a vacation mode which you should use if you’re on vacation so people can’t buy stuff from you). Then finally I made my first sale in August of 2019! (Took technically 4 months to make my first sale without the vacation.) However, unfortunately I realized I listed the size of the clothing item wrong and had to cancel the order. But it’s okay as I made another sale 5 days later!

How to be Successful on Poshmark!

  • Good Photos! I like to use the model’s photos from the original online listing of the clothing item. Try to get pictures of yourself wearing the clothing item if you can in cases where you don’t have a model. Get close ups too!
  • Measurements: Make sure you have a measuring tape handy. Some people like to know the exact measurements of clothing items. You can also you the Measure app if you have an iPhone. If the clothes fit you then it’s also helpful to provide your own body measurements.
  • List Material: Some people like to know what material the clothing is made out of so if you have that information provide it to them.
  • Likes = Sales: Those items that get the most likes are the most likely to sell. And trust me you will be surprised with what people like in your closet. My personal favorites from my closet actually get zero likes! I listed my hip hop dance costume on my closet just to have more listings and surprisingly people really liked this and it got sold!
  • Engage everyday! Share share share! Poshmark is a serious commitment and something you have to work a little at everyday. The listings are always listed by most recently shared so this is why you need to always share your items. Also don’t be afraid to share other Poshers items! I never did at first because I felt it was like a competition but by sharing other people’s listings you’re sharing the love and trust me most people will share your items too as a thank you note. By having other people share your closet items your expanding the network of people that will come across your listings.
  • Never sell anything that doesn’t match what you listed! As I mentioned earlier I cancelled my first sale on Poshmark because I listed the size incorrectly. However I did once sell a pair of sunglasses which had a scrape on them which I was aware of but sold anyways because I didn’t think it was a big deal. BAD IDEA! The customer had filed a case and had to return the sunglasses and I made no money on the sale and it was a waste of time and disappointment to the customer. Now I didn’t get banned from Poshmark but there certainly is a note on my account made regarding this incident. I did admit my mistake and admit to the customer that I was well aware of the scrape and would be happy to take a return which is why my case wasn’t so complicated but the better choice would have been for me to cancel the sale when I saw the scrape in the first place. But it’s okay accidents happen and now I know to never sell anything unless it’s picture perfect!
  • Notifications: Set up notifications so you will know when people comment on your listings or purchase your items. This will help you respond to customers quicker so you can answer their questions in the comments section or ship out their order faster!
  • Recycling! You don’t have to buy boxes or fancy cards or wrapping paper to package your order. I literally just save old wrapping and packaging from my own online orders and just reuse that for my Poshmark orders. I have even used plastic bags to deliver orders to customers. Recycling is great for the environment and it also saves money! So make sure you do recycle and reuse when you package with Poshmark. You can order free boxes from USPS to be delivered to your house if you don’t have anything to package your item with.

How to put Poshmark on vacation mode?

If you’re gonna be away from home, then it’s best to put your Poshmark closet on vacation mode. This prevents people from making purchases in your closet. While missing out on sales can sound bad you can always reengage with any visiting shoppers later. Also if you don’t put your closet on vacation mode and can’t ship out product your ship time will increase which is not good for your customers. So here’s how to set your closet to vacation mode.

What are the most active times on Poshmark?

graph depicting time people make a purchase on Poshmark

Take a look at this fabulous graph I made! This is real data from me (a real Posher) showing you realtime data of when Poshers have bought from me. As you can see Poshers are not early birds or night owls. They definitely do have certain times during the day when they like to Posh. 6am-8am is a great time slot. This works well for people who like to wake up early and do some shopping before they get to work. From 1-5 pm is also a great time! This is after lunchtime and people have gotten through the more busier times of their day. Although, my customer base data doesn’t reflect that Poshers shop into the evenings and night, I have heard that many people do shop during this time of day as well.

Questions about Poshmark

If you have any more questions about Poshmark please ask me in the comments or Tweet me on Twitter! I have also answered a lot of questions on Quora so feel free to take a peek at that! Feel free to check out my closet below and happy Poshing! If you’re looking for more details on Poshmark I highly recommend this 2020 report on Poshmark statistics.

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