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Stitch Fix Styled Subscription Review

Subscription box clothing! It seems to be one of the coolest most interesting things out there. And for anyone whose addict to anything then the subscription should be your best friend. Well personally for me I don’t own any subscriptions at the moment (not even a Netflix just running my Amazon Prime Student Trial) because well I tend to get bored of things and change things up a lot. So trying out a subscription box service sounded like fun! And I want to try all the clothing subscription boxes first. So this month it’s Stitch Fix!

For those of you who don’t know what Stitch Fix is here is a description from their website. Fun Fact: Stitch Fix was founded in 2011 and went public in 2017.

Before I got the Stitch Fix box 📦

So for my style profile basically I did several quizzes where I liked and disliked clothing items. Then I gave them input on my body and clothes that fit me well, brands I shopped and shared my Pinterest boards, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn Profile. And this is what I filled in for About You:

I like trying new styles but I’m a skinny person so not everything works. I go to college and my side job is a tutor. Plus I like to be really fancy and I love Fallon Carrington’s dressing style from the TV show by CW Dynasty.

My statement for About You.

For the price, I had requested that all my items should be cheaper. They also asked me “Why Stitch Fix?”. And this is what I responded with:

To try items I wouldn’t select for myself. To give myself a gift / surprise. To discover new trends / styles. To get expert advice.

Why Stitch Fix?

I paid a $20 styling fee. Made my box on Saturday September 28th and received it on Thursday October 3rd.

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