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How to Shop on Poshmark


Poshmark! The latest version of thrift shopping online. For those of you who don’t know Poshmark is an online community of Poshers that sell items of clothing from their closets. You can buy items from a variety of brands, styles and sizes. I have been on Poshmark since July 2018 but I haven’t bought anything till date.

Personally, I have never been thrift shopping or bought second-hand clothing. I always buy my clothes from the mall or online store so this was definitely an exciting experience for me.

To start off I wanted to buy a higher end brand that I have never bought before. I felt like buying a higher end brand would be a good bargain for my money and it would also be good quality clothing.

Some brands I had in mind were: Alice + Olivia, Burberry, Ted Baker and Kate Spade. And I also decided that I wanted to buy a dress.

Another thing I wanted to make sure when I’m buying on Poshmark is to buy “New With Tags” (NWT). Basically this is when an item of clothing is bought with the price tags still in place from the original brand. I wanted my dress to be NWT because this adds to the newness feeling.

So it turns out the item I was buying on Poshmark was still for sale through online retailers.

Shows a Ted Baker Dress listed on ASOS
Here’s the dress listing on ASOS
Shows a Ted Baker dress listed on Poshmark saving $200.
The Poshmark listing of the same dress NWT (New With Tags)

How does Poshmark Work?

  • First you pick an item to buy
  • Buy it by making an offer or buying it directly
  • Finally get your item!
  • Rate the item! Leave comments!

Why Buy on Poshmark?

  • Tons of variety! You’re literally buying clothes from millions of people and those millions of people definitely have more than one item in their closet.
  • Price Savings: Since you’re not buying from the main retailer and you’re buying from people that want to get rid of the clothes they are gonna sell for a lower price and you can always give them an offer to drop the price even lower.
  • Out of Stock from Retailer: If there’s something you like from a retailer that goes out of stock you may be able to find it on Poshmark. That’s what I happened with this Ted Baker dress I bought on Poshmark and I got it new with tags in my size!

Poshmarking Tips

  • Like the Item!: You can get a private offer from the seller
  • Make an offer: That’s how I bought this dress by making an offer.
  • Read the Descriptions: Descriptions can depict things that are hard to get across in pictures.
  • Ask Questions: Confused about what you’re buying or want clarifications? Use the comments section to ask questions.
  • Actually look at the Pictures: Pay attention to detail in the pictures.

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But is Poshmarking legit, safe, worth it and reliable?

Personally I would say YES to all the above answers. Poshmark is a community of Poshers who sell items from their closet. Some of us do this just to clean out our closets whereas some Poshers do Poshmark as a real business. I myself am a Posher and I just do it to clean out my closet. Poshmark will always be there to support you in case you have any problems with your order. They do 2-day USPS Priority mail shipping so you should get your items pretty quickly. Poshmark does charge the buyers shipping and sales tax. Sales tax varies based on state and shipping is $6.79. However, sometimes your seller may give you a shipping discount by reducing some of the money they make on their end. And sellers do pay a commission fee to Poshmark so they don’t get all the earnings from the sale. If you are ever unsure of whether an item of Poshmark is legitimate always ask for more pictures and details from the seller. Again I’m someone who never buys second hand clothing so the fact that I was comfortable with using Poshmark speaks a lot about the network and community it has.

UPDATE: So this is during the time of the coronavirus. I shipped out a dress to a customer and USPS lost it! The item was just “in transit” forever and it never got to the customer. I reached out the Poshmark to get some help with this and they refunded the customer and gave me my money for the sale despite it technically not happening. This was clearly an issue from USPS, Poshmark had nothing to do with this but protected both the buyer and the seller. This wasn’t a very expensive transaction I only made $2.93 and the dress was listed for $8. But it feels safe to know that shopping on Poshmark is reliable.

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