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PINK by Victoria’s Secret Review

Okay well I did go to PINK a year ago to grab a free panty and my aunt bought some things at PINK for her daughter but I didn’t really buy anything for myself until now. So that was the first time I went to PINK. The second time I walked into look for jackets but didn’t really find anything good. And recently for the third time I went to PINK, I actually enjoyed it and found things I liked. (Note: All three PINK visits were different location stores)

For those of you who don’t know PINK is a subsidiary of Victoria’s Secret and is designed for college students. So now that I’m actually in college I found it more exciting to give the brand a shot. Now usually I shop at Aerie for the type of stuff PINK sells but I decided to give PINK a shot.

What I loved about it!

  • Aesthetic: Simple and cute! It’s not too crazy or funky just girly and fun!
  • Crew: Very friendly I was offered help by many people at their store.
  • Got my first bra size measurement: I never got a bra measurement before and PINK made it very easy for me. One of their crew-members asked me if I wanted to be measured while I was shopping and it was very quick! She was wearing a measuring tape on her like a necklace so it was quick and not awkward at all!
  • Coupons: Who doesn’t love freebies! I have gotten free panties with these and other amazing deals!
  • PINK Nation: Their rewards program gives you access to good coupons and special deals.

Overall I had a really great time at PINK, I think the store location really matters and also understanding how their sales and coupons work. Without the sales and coupons it can get get pretty expensive so make sure you have access to these.