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NY&C Closet Review by New York and Co

Another typical day on Instagram as I came across NY&C Closet on my feed and thought ah-hah another rental service! Well since we already have explored American Eagle and Ann Taylor why not try this! Here goes my NY&C Closet Review!

How much does NY&C Closet cost?

This costs $49.95 which is the same cost as American Eagle’s Style Drop. However, these are obviously two different brands.

It has the same recommendation as American Eagle: Add 8 items to get a box shipped and add 20+ items for seamless shipping. So here are the 20 items that I shortlisted. I picked mostly dresses because this is what I liked the most. I didn’t really opt for bottoms because it’s getting colder so I didn’t really want to experiment with bottoms.

This is my first box

The usual drill, just like the other rental services you have your priorities and then you will get an email when your box is ready to be shipped and so on.

Box 1

Box 2

As you can see with the exception of one item all of my items were dresses! I felt like NY&C Closet had a good dress collection. I did only get two boxes this month instead of the usual three because I had so much going on this month so I really didn’t get that much of a chance to wear these clothes. The stripes dress and the black dress was too loose for me. I would say the yellow dress was my favorite out of all the items. Overall a pretty good collection there’s not a lot of difference between this and American Eagle. I think it all comes down to personal dressing style tastes and preferences. That concludes my NY&C Closet review, let me know in the comments what you think about this rental and share your rental experiences with me!