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Nordstrom Review

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One of my latest favorite department stores! So let me share a little bit of my history with Nordstrom. So I never really went to Nordstrom as I never had one near me before in my life. I started shopping there this year in February and I started really loving it. So I thought I would share with you guys why I love Nordstrom and hopefully you can learn something new about it or maybe this will interest you to shop there. And please share what you love about Nordstrom in the comments with me!

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14 Reasons to Love Nordstrom

  1. Free Shipping and Returns- (As a savvy online shopper this one beats the list! It’s great to know that there’s a store out there that I can rely on!)
  2. Rewards Program– The Nordy Club (I love rewards programs and the Nordy Club gives you a $20 reward after 2000 points) [I know 2000 dollars is a lot but hopefully I will get there one day]
  3. The Sale section is actually good! There are some really nice pieces in the sale section it’s not just leftover clothing which is something really nice to have.
  4. Wide variety of high end brands– So many opportunities to explore good quality clothing and explore new brands.
  5. Organized layout of store and very neat! I often find myself getting sick from the dust in department stores and overwhelmed by the amount of stock they have. Nordstrom isn’t as crazy as other department stores which is something I really appreciate about them.
  6. On-Site Alteration– I have never used this service but it’s great to know that it’s there and available. It makes more comfortable with buying things so even if something doesn’t fit perfectly I will know I can get it fixed.
  7. In Store Stock– I can check if an item is available in stores which is really helpful so I can select what I want to take a look at home and then try to find it in stores.
  8. More Looks For You– These are like collages on where they suggest things to wear with the piece you’re looking at. I really like this feature because it’s like an express stylist.
  9. Nordstrom App Price Scanner– I don’t know about you but I hate carrying all my clothes to the price scanner. Many stores are including a price scanner on their app and Nordstrom is one of them. Which makes things so much easier! I can instantly check different sizes and colors online.
  10. Pick-up-in-store/Curbside pickup– Just when I thought free shipping on all orders was too good to be true I found out about this! They keep all the in-store pickups at a certain area in the store and they are arranged by last name so you can quickly get it picked up and scanned by an associate.
  11. Videos from a Nordstrom Expert– I love the videos the products have it’s so nice getting a live visual of someone holding up the item as opposed to it being staged.
  12. Precision in Filters– Nordstrom goes into the itty bitty details of filters when you’re looking for something to buy. By this I mean you can filter your clothes by things such as material, pattern, sleeve length and much more. This is definitely helpful when you’re going shopping and you have a particular idea in mind of what you wanna get.
  13. Discontinuing sale of products with Animal Fur and Exotic Skins in 2021- This is a really big deal for a company as big as Nordstrom. And it stops animal cruelty when brands cannot get into big stores like Nordstrom if they chose to neglect animals.
  14. Recycle your beauty products! Recycling your beauty products is so important yet it can be challenging to find a place or service that offers recycling. Nordstrom will now let you bring products from any brand to recycle. There are no points awarded for recycling but it’s still a good opportunity as there’s no limitation on the number of items you can bring or what brand they’re from. The only limitation is you can’t bring things that could be potentially dangerous like perfume bottles, aerosol cans, electronic appliances, nail polishes and nail polish remover.

Nordstrom Picks

Overall I really enjoy Nordstrom and I think it’s a great place to go shopping when I want something nice and don’t want to do a lot of hunting. I bought my graduation dress here as well as my top for my business competition and other things too! Let me know in the comments what have you bought from Nordstrom!

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