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Madewell Review

Hello, Darlings! So I’m gonna be sharing my experience with Madewell! I discovered the brand Madewell as I was researching stores with free shipping. I felt like their clothes seemed to be good quality and very simple and sophisticated in nature which is something that interested me! Plus I had seen the brand in Nordstrom too. So this is what inspired me to try it out!

Here’s some background information for those of you who have never heard of the brand. Madewell is a sister company of J. Crew. Here is a quote from their website:

“Simply put, we make great jeans. We also focus on all the things you wear with denim, like 
effortless tees, keep-forever bags, cool jewelry and compliment-worthy shoes

Basically what’s great about Madewell is they focus on making good jeans and things that go well with those jeans. Personally, I didn’t know this theme existed until I read this on their website, but after learning that now I know what kind of items I can expect to find from Madewell and I know where it will fit well into my wardrobe. Especially being that New England Girl that has to wear jeans all the time thanks to the cold it makes it really helpful to know there is a brand out there that can help me craft my outfits based on jeans. t

So my first time visiting a Madewell was at Prudential Center. This was in Boston in the month of March. I liked the stock they had but all the clothes seemed too expensive for me. My second time visiting a Madewell was in Austin at The Domain. And I had checked out this store’s stock online so I went into the store with an idea of what I wanted to buy. The store was having a sale and my item was on clearance so I got a really amazing deal!

I got a 30% markdown so I paid $13.99 for this top and plus there was a 40% off sale.

Reasons to Love Madewell

  • Free Shipping and Returns for Madewell Insiders (their rewards program)
  • They do hemming for jeans
  • They have a birthday gift for insiders (I got $25 this year for my 19th Birthday)
  • Midrange prices (not too cheap but not too expensive) Personally I do consider it pricy when it’s full price but on sale it’s just perfect.

My Madewell Outfits

Tops are from Madewell