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Macy’s Review- Department Store

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Hello, Darlings! So today I’m sharing with you my Macy’s review. I feel like everyone has shopped at a Macy’s at some point in their life just cause it’s one of America’s largest department stores and nearly in every mall. I always walk through Macy’s because we always park our car in that area. My mom used to shop at Macy’s sometimes when I was a little kid but that slowly stopped over time as she became more obsessed with Kohls.

I started shopping at Macy’s myself in my senior year of high school. This was when I was looking for formal clothes for my business conference and I slowly got reeled into loving this store! I feel like many teenagers don’t see Macy’s being a shop for them but I definitely think they should give it a try because I myself was surprised at what I liked here. Macy’s is definitely more than just a department store.

Why I love Macy’s

  • Best Black Friday Deals: Always tons of freebies to buy! I got a stuffed Olaf from here!
  • Large Collection of Brands: They have some really good brands like BCBGeneration, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and more!
  • I always find something for me! Macy’s was my most shopped store in 2019 and it’s honestly just because I can go in and know I will find what I want. I did a jacket haul with Macy’s back in September. I bought my Calvin Klein purse here which I got for $30!

Tips for Shopping at Macy’s

  • Check out the clearance section! I got a tank top for 3 bucks here!
  • Go early for Black Friday shopping! They start at 5pm so I get there before that and wait at the door. Make sure you know where each department is before you start your search.
  • Coupons! Macy’s does a lot of these and you can find them in your Macy’s wallet if you’re a member so take advantage of it.
  • Pick Up In Store so you don’t have to pay shipping.
  • Download the app! You can scan items right from the app which makes life so much easier.

Hope you guys liked this! Please let me know in the comments what are your Macy’s Memories and what do you like to buy at Macy’s.

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