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Lord + Taylor Shopping Review

I first came across Lord + Taylor at my local mall when I moved back to America. I first started shopping here in March of 2019 when I was looking for clothes for my business competition. And that’s when I bought my white blouse from the brand Nipon Boutique. I also recently bought a bodysuit from the brand Free People. So here goes my Lord and Taylor Review!

The Rundown of Lord + Taylor

  • Free Shipping! Please note that this is only if you have a ShopRunner account. ShopRunner offers free 2-day shipping with Lord + Taylor which is a huge plus for me because I love online shopping! Plus ShopRunner comes with free returns included.
  • Large Collection: I think Lord + Taylor is one of the biggest out of the department stores. They just seem to have a really large store and this obviously leads to a larger collection.
  • Brands I have never heard of! Lord and Taylor do carry some brands I’m familiar with like Vero Moda, Guess, Free People and so on but they do also carry a lot of brands that I have never heard of like Nipon Boutique, Rafaella, and Design Lab.
  • The store itself is also a brand: I have never seen any department store that has its own clothing line after their name. Lord + Taylor does though and it’s one of the cheapest brands the store has to offer.
  • Good Clearance and Low Prices: I wouldn’t really say the same for in-store as it always seemed to be expensive but when I shop online I always see a ton of stuff on clearance and sale. I don’t think I have ever seen so many low priced items in a designer clothing department store. I have even seen times where tops were as low as three dollars!
  • Coupons that Really Work: You can use your coupons at Lord + Taylor on sale and clearance items and I haven’t ever had any coupon exclusion problems. I just checked out their list of excluded brands for coupons and the list is pretty short.

So that’s my experience with Lord + Taylor, I would say it’s like a slightly higher end of Macy’s yet Macy’s seems to be more sophisticated and put together. Where Lord + Taylor tries to be like Nordstrom and Bloomingdales but is stuck in the middle. They only have locations in the Northeastern region of the country and one down in Florida so it clearly isn’t very popular in comparison to those other department stores. Let me know in the comments what is your experience of shopping with Lord and Taylor Review!