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Le Tote vs Stitch Fix: The Clothing Subscription Battle

Out of all the subscription services I have tried recently the only two I truly enjoyed were Le Tote and Stitch Fix. And these were the only two subscription services that I had bought clothing from. So, I decided to do a side by side comparison of Le Tote vs Stitch Fix to see which one would I go for if I had to commit to one in the future!

CategoriesLe ToteStitch Fix
Instagram Followers (gives us a sense of popularity)86.7 K784k
Lowest option gives three clothing items and two accessories
$20 Styling Fee + Money you spend on purchasing things
(Get styling fee money back if you purchase)
Five items
SubscriptionYesNot Required; try once or set up auto delivery
VarietyWomans, Maternity and Private LabelWomans, Maternity, Petite, Men’s, Private Label
Can you wear the clothes?Yes, you can wear them as rental items and keep them if you like. You save money as they’re not new with tags when you purchase.No. These are all new clothing items with price tags attached.

Le Tote Thoughts

Le Tote is a much heavier price commitment than Stitch Fix. And if you buy the clothes it costs even more! For me I tried this out as a free trial so I didn’t have to pay the subscription costs and had nothing to lose. I purchased a dress from Le Tote on my own and was very happy with my decision. Happier than I was with Stitch Fix! However, looking into the future the fact that I would now have to pay that subscription fee to acquire a dress like that makes me not so interested in Le Tote. Also it is a rental service too but I didn’t actually wear the items out of the house. I ordered all dresses and fancy jewelry to try out and just didn’t have the occasion to wear it outside the house. I do want to mention that I enjoyed the style aesthetic of Le Tote a lot and I really enjoyed the brand selection! Also, being able to pick clothes out. However, I worry that I might run into someone wearing the same clothes as me. I have seen lots of people share their photos and reviews of the dress I bought which is great but now that means a lot of people own that same dress.

Stitch Fix Thoughts

I do feel pressured to buy things from Stitch Fix just to get my styling fee money back. I also kinda get nervous with the stylist sending me items which I haven’t seen. Once you get comfortable with a certain stylist this might work great for you but until your stylist gets a sense of who you are and what your style is it’s really nerve wracking.

Summary of Le Tote vs Stitch Fix

Le Tote is great for when you want to try a new style or something coming up like a vacation or a party.

Stitch Fix is great for when you want a fresh set of eyes to help you spice up your closet.

If I absolutely had to choose I would go for Stitch Fix. For me the price factor is most important, plus just the idea of brand new clothes versus something lightly used felt important.

That’s my take on Le Tote vs Stitch Fix if you want to know more about these subscriptions then you can read all about them here!

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