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Justice for Girls Review

Ah Justice! That trendy clothing store that every girl wanted to go to. The brightest and sparkliest clothes you could ever find were all at this store. I started shopping here in 5th grade and used to love this store like crazy.

Wearing Justice Clothes at the Domain in Austin, Texas.
Back to 6th Grade, me in my Justice Clothes at The Domain (Austin, Texas)

The sizes of clothing at Justice range from size 6 to 20. These clothes are designed for tweens and basically girls of middle school age. Not sure why they sell clothes till size 20 because personally I don’t know any college students that shop at Justice. The clothing is very colorful and sparkly which is why a lot of people stop shopping at Justice after middle school, unless they’re me! Colorful and sparkly clothing is still something I enjoy despite growing up from middle school. So here’s some clothing items I have bought after middle school from Justice.

I feel like these clothes were more wearable as a high schooler and still allowed me to be cute and fashionable. I bought these clothes in a size 16 and they still fit well. There was nothing strikingly noticeable about these items that you could instantly tell that they were from Justice. (No Justice heart on these items thankfully!) But personally I did feel self-conscious of the fact that I was wearing Justice clothes despite liking the items, it felt kind of uncomfortable to be wearing Justice clothes as a high schooler. Let me know in the comments of you have shopped at Justice after middle school or you would ever try it!

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