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I Made my Bitmoji Shirt with the Snap Store

All about Bitmojis

Bitmojis are basically emojis with an avatar that you can use to message people on Snapchat. You can customize your avatar to look like you by changing its features. Nearly all Snapchat users have a Bitmoji, although not required to be a user.

Snapchat has a store where you can buy Bitmoji merchandise like mugs, t-shirts, etc. So I decided to get a customized shirt for my Bitmoji! Now I have never heard of anyone buying a Bitmoji shirt. I have seen people DIY-ing their Bitmoji shirts. Or purchasing them on Etsy or third party sites, but no one has purchased them from the Snap Store.

Making my Snapchat Bitmoji Shirt

So I just picked a basic cotton tee for my purchase and you have the option to have just you or you and a friend on your shirt, so I just picked myself. There aren’t a lot of color options but you do get to pick the design that goes with your shirt. There are tons of design options since there are so many Bitmoji stickers so it took me a while to pick. Eventually I settled on the one pictured below because I love fashion and the design felt a little edgy with a unique phrase to it rather than just being all Bitmoji vibe.

screenshot of snapchat listing of bitmoji shirt
This is what the listing of my shirt looks like on the Snap Store.

Best part is this Bitmoji shirt was free shipping! And it was on sale to sweeten the deal. Since this is customized I won’t be able to return it which makes sense because no one is going to want to buy a shirt with my Bitmoji on it. I think this is great because most customizable shirts end up being expensive and I like the idea of how it’s an avatar on the shirt on not my actual face. That way I can share an identity over the shirt and people who are friends with me on Snapchat will also recognize my Bitmoji. Yet at the same time it’s nice because my actual face isn’t on the shirt which I don’t know about you but I think it’s creepy to have your face on a shirt unless you’re a celebrity.

My Review of the Snapchat Bitmoji Shirt

So it took about a week for my shirt to come so it was definitely longer than the average shipping time of clothing but this is because they actually have to print the shirt. Overall I liked how the shirt came out! It was a nice simple casual look and it was something special and unique to me. The quality isn’t stellar. I don’t think this shirt will last me a lifetime but it definitely is something cool to have. Only complaint with this is that the shirt did smell when I first got it but once I sprayed perfume all over it we were good to go!

girl wearing shirt with snapchat bitmoji avatar

There you have it! A Bitmoji of me worn by me! Let me know in the comments if you would ever get a Bitmoji merchandise shirt like this!

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