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H&M Review

H&M one of the world’s most popular clothing stores! Surprisingly, I haven’t shopped here until a few months ago back in September. Mostly just because my local mall doesn’t have a H&M store. But anyhow let me share with you what intrigued me to shop at H&M.

Fan Merchandise!

Favorite musicians, actors, and so on we all have our own fandoms and celebrities. However, fan merchandise tends to be more expensive because of the licensing fees companies have to pay to that person/group. So I don’t know about you but personally I’m an Ariana Grande fan! Which is why I had to check out their Thank U Next x H&M Collection!

I was looking for something long sleeved because it’s cold where I live and I struggle buying winter clothes so this was something I had to force myself into. I was originally thinking of buying the 7 Rings sweatshirt but I didn’t like the purple color. I was hoping it be pink like Grande’s original one sad 😞 I ended up buying a Ariana Grande Sweatshirt with her face on it. It was $17.99.

Overall it was a pretty good experience with H&M. I got to show my Ariana Grande fandom while getting some basic clothes. I think H&M does a really good job with the fan collections keeping them affordable and trendy.

Let me know what you think about this in the comments!