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Gwynnie Bee for Smaller Sizes Review

Hello Darlings! Now as you all know I have done a lot of clothing rentals this month and now I’m trying out Gwynnie Bee. Now I have heard of Gwynnie Bee before but I honestly forgot what it was until I came across it again and remembered it’s a clothing rental service! Now unlike Infinite Style, Style Drop, and NYC Closet, Gwynnie Bee offers multiple brands! They also only send out 2 items at a time which is less than the other rental services we tried out which sent 3 items at a time but this is because they have different plan options. You can change your plan to taking out 1,2,3,5,7 or 10 items out a time.

On The Site Gwynnie Bee

I was first asked for my size and brand that fit me well. Then I did like a little style quiz of which clothing items I liked, similar to my Style Quiz I did with Stitch Fix. And then I was given a style profile called Chloe.

So Gwynnie Bee recommends you pick 10 items which is less than what our other rental services we used suggested where they recommended 30 but then again they’re only sending out 2 items at a time not 3 so I guess it makes sense. Now surprisingly I did not like how there were multiple brands offered because there were many brands I wasn’t familiar with! Personally I’m a very brand oriented person in general so not seeing a brand I’m familiar with freaks me out. There were some brands I was vaguely familiar with because I have read about them before like ModCloth and Eshakti but I still barely knew anything about these brands. Also I couldn’t seem to really connect with the clothes. The clothes just didn’t seem to fit my aesthetic or age group which made me feel really out of place. Also I wish I could have searched items by brand but that wasn’t an option.

My Gwynnie Bee Clothing Selection

I had to spend a quite a bit of time to find and pick items from brands I like and I did try a few brands that I was unfamiliar with.

Now these were all brands that I generally like, however there was still something about it that was unsettling. I feel that the service is catered towards more older people and just doesn’t really connect to my style and people of my age group. I don’t think I will subscribe to this in the future but you never know! Let me know in the comments what are your thoughts about Gwynnie Bee and if you have tried the service.

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