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Francesca’s Review: Dresses and Tops

Hi Darlings! Today I’m sharing with you my Francesca’s Review! I first shopped at Francesca’s online back in 2017 during Christmas time to buy myself some dresses. I discovered the brand through a friend of mine who buy a lot of dresses from here. I buy my clothes from their sale section and get amazing deals! Every clothing item I have ever bought cost me less than $20.

About Francesca’s

Francesca’s is a boutique and it has a very cute girly aesthetic to it. It’s based in Texas and they have stores throughout the U.S and sell online too. Their price range is mostly $25-$50.

My Francesca’s Brand Review

My favorite part about Francesca’s clothing is its uniqueness and clothing styles. Honestly, I don’t shop here very often because their online store doesn’t offer free shipping.There’s no free shipping unless you spend over $50. Plus Francesca’s is one of those brands where it’s better in stores. Their stores are very small and cute.

My Collection of Francesca’s Clothes and Review

Customer Service and Convenience

They also have a pick-up in store option which I used to get that black dress in the top right picture! This is just nice when you don’t want to pay for shipping and you can also try on the item right there at the boutique to make sure everything fits well. Their customer service is also really friendly! I had one of my items canceled because it went out of stock after my purchase and customer service had me get a refund and a $15 Francesca’s gift card for my inconvenience (That’s how I got that black dress for free in the top right corner picture!)

Brands like Francesca’s

I honestly haven’t really discovered many brands like Francesca’s because its a very unique boutique. The closest I would say that I have shopped at is Lulu’s.

Let me know what you think about Francesca’s in the comments. I would love to hear your thoughts! If you’re looking for other brands to check out for dresses try Lulu’s!

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