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Express Shopping Review

As surprising as this is I have been going to shop at Express since 6th grade. I never really bought anything from Express in 6th grade, I just used to wear my mom’s clothes from there that she bought. My mom would take me to Express with her to buy her clothes there but at the time I was a little too young for it so I never really bought anything.

As said on their website: “Express is the style source for fashion-forward young women and men, for everything from first job interviews to weekend parties. We believe in living for the moment, dressing for the moment and having a strong individual style.”

Wearing Express Clothes

Why I love Express!

  • Rewards! Express has a great rewards system! I got the yellow top in the picture above for free when I used my rewards points.
  • Classy Styles: I feel like Express has a clothing aesthetic that is very unique. It has the professional feel to it yet at the same time it’s casual enough to wear when you’re hanging out with your friends after work.
  • Size Options: Express does a pretty good job catering to their petite size clothing. I don’t buy all my clothes from petite but sometimes I do and it’s generally better for good fitting on my body.

Current Express Picks

Here are some clothes I have seen at Express lately that I like!

Hope you guys liked this blog post! And let me know in the comments what are your favorite things to buy at Express and how long you have been shopping there!

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