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DSW Review- The Designer Shoe Warehouse

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The Designer Shoe Warehouse abbreviated as DSW. What’s my review on DSW? I don’t know about you but I’m typically not a shoe savvy person. It’s not that I don’t love shoes it’s just that I usually just go with my Nikes or some flip flops. Typically I’m too lazy to go through my shoe collection and pick out something else. Also, I’m terrible at walking in heels so I usually avoid them! But when it comes to shopping at DSW it actually gets me excited about shoes!

Pricing at DSW

DSW is a high-end brand so their shoes are costly. However, you can get some good deals when you shop in clearance or use coupons. I often get coupons emailed to me as a DSW VIP. Usually, their coupons are something like 30% off or $10 off for $49. I don’t recommend trying to use the deals where they give you a “free gift”. The gifts are usually not as good as they look in the picture.

Selection at DSW

DSW has a good variety of shoes from various brands. Some of them are DSW exclusive I believe like Kelly and Katie.

DSW Shipping Policy

DSW offers free shipping on all orders for members who are DSW VIPs. It’s free to join to be a DSW VIP.

Customer Service Review

I don’t ever recall having to contact customer service but the in-store service depends on the location. I have two DSWs near where I live and I’m not a fan of one of them. The customer service is really bad the cashier once took one of my shoes for return and didn’t give me the DSW VIP Reward I used on the shoes. But the other DSW location has a friendly staff and I always have a good experience there.

My Purchase Review from DSW

I first bought myself these socks which I absolutely adored. (They also get wrecked as all my socks do which is why I’m showing you the product picture of them.)

And then after those socks, I bought a pair of pointed-toe pumps for my business conference, however, I had to return them because like I mentioned earlier I can’t walk in heels! And then as pictured below I bought these sandals from Guess for my graduation. I really love them because they’re a pretty rose gold color! Then recently I bought these Anne Klein Sport Ballet Flats to replace my worn-out ballet flats. I also love those because they’re really sleek and sophisticated!

Overall I really enjoy DSW for shoes, since I’m not a huge shoe person seeing these fancier shoes from DSW gets me more intrigued by them and I obviously maintain my shoes for longer periods of time so they’re definitely worth it for me. DSW also does lots of coupons and they give you a $5 reward on your birthday so you can always snag yourself a shoe treat!

My Current DSW Picks

Let me know in the comments where do you like to shop for shoes! If you’re looking for alternative places to shop for shoes I also buy a lot of my shoes from Kohls.

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