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Charming Charlie makes a Comeback!

I used to shop at Charming Charlie a lot in 6th grade back when I lived in Texas! Charming Charlie is a store where they sell jewelry and accessories and some clothes too. It was basically like Claire’s for adults. What made Charming Charlie stand out so much was their color variety! They sell really colorful items and they were also generally very unique colors. I own a lot of necklaces from here and some earrings. I also have one plaid pant which my cousin gifted to me.

However, after 6th grade I moved out of the country so I have been out of touch with the brand. And then Charming Charlie closed up in 2019. I did however lose a lot of the stuff I bought from here due to all the moving. But pictured above is a necklace and earring set I still have on me!

charming charlie makes a comeback

Charming Charlie is now available on Amazon and they are making a comeback as seen here on their website! To be honest with you I really don’t know if I will be purchasing their items. The brand was more of my mom’s favorite than mine. I do have lots of good memories shopping with them. And their items are affordable so I definitely think you should check it out! I will try shopping there at some time, I would love to see some really unique pieces that show their colorfulness! Considering Baublebar’s entry into the market, I’m really not sure how the brand is going to do. But let’s hope for the best!

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