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Calvin Klein Clothing Review

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Who and What is Calvin Klein?

Calvin Klein is an American brand that was launched by fashion designer Calvin Klein in 1968. The brand now belongs to PVH Corp.

Is Calvin Klein a good brand?

I think that Calvin Klein is a great brand in terms of quality. People really love their undergarments which is what they’re really famous for but their other items are great too!

This brand is well known for their undergarments but I actually don’t own any. Personally I have never seen or been inside a CK store. So in the past I purchase their items from third party retailers like Macy’s.

I own a jacket and a purse (read more about my purse here!) from CK both of which I have purchased at Macy’s. The jacket I own is from their Performance line. For those of you who don’t know what it is it’s their activewear line. I wanted to see what kind of new things I could discover from shopping directly through their website and not going through a retailer.

Coolest things about Calvin Klein

  • Student Discount! I was not aware that they offer 10% off with Unidays so you should definitely avail this offer.
  • Order Flexibility: Gives you 30 minutes to modify your order after you complete the order.
  • Free Shipping! If you have a ShopRunner account you can avail for free shipping! (ShopRunner is a membership that gives you 2 day free shipping to many stores like Ann Taylor, American Eagle and more)
  • MyCalvins: So I did not try this out but I thought this was a very cool idea! CK lets you make your own custom undergarments CK style by letting you choose the colors and text to go on your items.
  • Loyalty Program Rewards: So I’m not sure why but CK sent me an email saying I earned a reward so I had $10 in my account to use 😊 They also give 20% off for your birthday and you get $20 reward for every 200 points (1 point for every dollar) You can also add a transaction to your account if you forget to use your membership so you won’t lose those points!

I really liked the top I bought! Although it was a simple top the sleeves and bottom of the top have a nice mesh detail.

Current CK Picks

So that’s my review of Calvin Klein and experience with them! Let me know what you think in the comments and share with me what store you want a review of next!

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