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Brandy Melville Review – The One Size Clothing Shop

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Hello Darlings! So I’m back with another shopping experience and this one was also from my trip to Austin, TX. So today we’re here talking about my Brandy Melville review. I discovered this brand about a year ago when I was looking for clothing brands that would work well for skinny, petite people like me and that’s how I came across Brandy Melville. Now the online shop didn’t seem so appealing to use so I never shopped online. Plus there’s no free shipping unless you spend over a $100.

outfit created with brandy melville skirt

Why Doesn’t Brandy Melville Have Sizes?

Brandy Melville’s whole concept around their store is one size clothing. This means that there are no sizes and all the clothing items are the same size. This is great for them as a retailer because it’s easier for them to maintain stock without having to worry about stocking each size. As a consumer it’s easier to find clothing without worrying about the size.

However, this is also hurtful to consumers who cannot fit into their clothes. The clothes really only fit people who are about sizes 0-4 which is one of the reasons this brand works well for me as I usually wear a size 0. As a skinny person I find it difficult to find clothes that fit perfectly and Brandy Melville fits really well. I did however notice that their tops seemed way too tight. And this is coming from from a skinny person! Although they fit me the tops were uncomfortably form fitting and not in a good way.

Things Brandy Melville should change

  • Sizing: As much as their sizes work amazing for me it’s really unfair to others who wish to wear their clothing and can’t. Brandy Melville should redo their sizes to make them petite/slim sized or include more sizes to fit everyone.
  • Return and Exchange Policy: They do not take returns for purchases made in store! I get that you can try on clothes in store but seriously this is very unfair.
  • Their Website: Personally, I find their website really sketchy looking. Which is why I shopped in store.
  • Diversity: Brandy Melville has been called out for the lack of diversity among their models. And you can clearly see this on their Instagram and I also observed this when visiting their stores.

Review of Purchase

I bought a plaid skirt that was $28. What I love about the skirt I bought is it comes with adjustable buttons and an adjustable belt so I never have to worry about it not fitting right which is amazing! I have already received many compliments on my skirt 😊 In conclusion, I don’t hate Brandy Melville but I also don’t love Brandy Melville. Will I shop here in the future? Maybe, but probably not. Please let me know your comments about this brand!

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