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Bloomingdale’s Review

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About Bloomingdale’s

Hello, Darlings! In this blog post, I will be sharing with you my review of Bloomingdale’s! Before I start my review I will be providing some background information on the store. Bloomingdale’s comes under the Macy’s brand and it’s a luxury department store. So it falls under the same category as Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. Personally, I have never been inside a physical Bloomingdale’s store. My first-time ordering Bloomingdale’s was in March 2019. Bloomingdale’s is a very old store, the history of it originates back to the 1800s. Bloomingdale’s is notorious for its big brown bag.

How Bloomingdale’s Gives Back

Their philanthropy program called b.cause is how Bloomingdale’s gives back to the community. Their employees are provided with opportunities to volunteer with certain organizations.

Perks of Shopping at Bloomingdale’s

  • Free Shipping (what’s not to love about that!)
  • Rewards Program: Loyalists
  • The brand collection is all high end and very interesting (get my Vero Moda clothes from here)
  • Wide Collection (It’s a department store so of course!)

Stuff I have Bought from Bloomingdale’s

My Current Picks from Bloomingdales

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