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Best Places to Shop for Clothes in Hyderabad

Best Shopping Malls in Hyderabad

  • Inorbit Mall– Located in Madhapur this is everyone’s favorite mall and has many great stores like Vero Moda, Aeropostale and more!
  • Sujana Forum Mall– This mall feels bigger than Inorbit Mall and is home to Sephora, Claire’s and many other unique shops! Sujana Forum Mall is located in Kukatpally and isn’t too far from Inorbit.
  • GVK Mall- This is located Jubilee Hills this mall has your more expensive, higher end brands.Personally I never really shopped here as it was far from my home but it definitely is a go to shopping place for many Hyderabadis.
  • Sarath City Capital Mall- This is Hyderabad’s biggest shopping mall and is home to the famous AMB theater that belongs to Prince Mahesh Babu! This mall is huge and has a lot of new stores opening. There is a Sephora at this mall and there is an endless amount of options to shop from!

Stores I have shopped for Clothes at in Hyderabad

For those of you who don’t know I have lived in India for 4 years and I lived in the city of Hyderabad. So I thought I would share with you some of my favorite places to shop when I lived in India. I found shopping in India to be very expensive at first because the consumer market there is different. People don’t buy clothes as often as Americans because students wear school uniforms. Plus India has its own Indian fashion apart from Western clothing. The brand assortment of clothes was also very different from America and the types of clothing styles people choose to wear and trends people follow also vary.

Forever 21– Yes, I don’t shop here anymore but back when I lived in India and even when I came back to America for a little while I used to shop a lot at Forever 21. Forever 21 was one of the only American brands to be at the mall, I found that Indian malls had a lot of more European brands.

First time and only time I bought clothes online in India this dress is from Forever 21.

Unlimited: I have bought a ton of stuff here! I have gotten tops for as low as Rs 300 that equals $4 as per today’s rate. Unlimited is just a really great place for tops. They have a good assortment of fun colors!

Pantaloons: I bought an orange formal dress here for my model UN conference. This was the first time I bought clothes in India so it was a very nerve wracking experience when you’re exposed to all these new brands and stores that you have never heard of before.

Max: I shopped here once when I went to the Sujana Forum Mall and I bought like a semi-Indian semi-western top. I thought it was okay it definitely wasn’t something I would wear regularly. Overall

Lifestyle: I bought a United Colors of Benetton top here for my 14th birthday.

Vero Moda: My favorite out of them all! I did a clothing haul here for my 16th birthday and now I try to look through department stores here to find this brand.

Go Colors: I buy my leggings from this store. The leggings are really cheap and they are comfortable too.

Marks and Spencers: I bought a pink formal top here for my Model UN conference.

Mochi: I bought shoes here for my model UN Conference. This place is basically just a shoe store so no clothes here.

US Polo Assassin: I bought a pair of white denim jeans here. These jeans actually lasted very long. And they still fit me for a while despite losing weight.

Overall I do think India has an interesting collection of places to shop. I actually do miss shopping in India sometimes because I felt like the clothes were more sophisticated and different from what we have in America. Let me know in the comments of what you think about this post and tell me if you have ever shopped out of your home country!

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