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BB Dakota Review – Online Shopping

I came across this brand on Instagram less than a month ago. Not really sure how I came across it I think it just popped up in suggested accounts. Anyhow, I was really bored and decided to surf the web for some online clothing to buy. I was looking for something really new and preferably from a brand I have never bought anything from so I could try something new. I spent nearly over 2 hours just surfing different stores on the web! Then I went on Instagram and tried exploring through my feed and finally settled on BB Dakota.

I really liked the aesthetic of the brand as it felt very contemporary and “Instagramable”. The prices are also pretty reasonable and not crazy expensive. What really attracted me to making that final purchase was the item I bought! I bought a leather skirt and it was on sale so I got a pretty good deal on it. A leather skirt is definitely a good essential to add to your wardrobe and I thought this would be great for my first purchase!

The model from BB Dakota wearing the leather skirt

Also I felt really good about my order because they do free 2 day shipping on all orders! I absolutely love when I can shop with no minimum free shopping. It makes shopping more genuine so I don’t feel pressured to buy things and I can truly enjoy what I buy. I also got $8 off my purchase for opening a BB Dakota Rewards Account.

So I ended up spending $30 bucks on this skirt and then it arrived 2 days after I purchased it! There was nothing special about the packaging just a regular FedEx bag so that’s why I didn’t take a picture of the packaging. But I tried on the skirt and I really liked it! It was high waisted and it fit perfectly (I bought a size 0). It looked really small when I held it up but it still fit well.

After I tried on the skirt I went on BB Dakota’s website to write a review on the skirt and I was shook! 😮 The price had shot up completely for the same skirt I had.

Now I did come across this skirt in the regular section and not the sale section which is kind of confusing because they did show a price reduction symbol when I was buying it. But now this skirt is listed at full price which is confusing. I’m not sure if this is their sales tactics or a bug in the system but I’m so glad I bought that skirt when I bought it because I saved more than 50% off! Anyhow I hope you guys enjoyed hearing my experience and I definitely will shop here more because there is free shipping! Let me know in the comments what do you think is the story behind this price change and have you ever bought anything from BB Dakota before!

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