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My And Other Stories Review

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So I was looking for stores to explore in New York that I have never heard of (might go to New York in March) and then I came across this brand: & Other Stories. & Other Stories is a brand that belongs to H&M. In American they only have stores in New York and California but they have free shipping at their online store so you can check them out!

The idea behind & other stories is they have three different themes: Paris, Stockholm and California. The Paris theme is said to show the iconic French girl. Stockholm shows the Scandinavian style. And finally the California theme is based off of the Los Angeles girl’s confidence, creativity and way of life.

denim dress from & other stories

So the dress I bought was the Stockholm theme. This denim dress was on sale for $18.90 and the original price was $69. I bought this dress in a size 0.

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Overall I really liked the look of this dress. I thought it was very cute and is a unique piece. The dress is rather on the tight side though. I think & Other Stories is a really unique brand and I love how there is a story behind the clothing. It adds more meaning to it. Let me know what you think of this