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Rental Review with American Eagle’s Style Drop

A Review of American Eagle Subscription

Personally, I love the American Eagle Brand and I shop there all the time! I’m an AEO Connected member too yet surprisingly I had no clue they had a rental subscription until the ad for it popped up on my Instagram. Turns out you can find this site on the footer of American Eagle’s main website.

A completely different website from AE no wonder I never heard about it!

How much is American Eagle Style Drop?

The cost of the subscription is $49.95 per month. Basically it’s a rental service where you rent clothes from AE and they do laundry for you and you get to switch them out.

I started my subscription on October 29th and I picked my items and then 2 hours later I received an email saying my box was being packed. 2 days later I got an email saying my box was out for delivery.

So since they said pick 20+ Items in your closet for seamless shipments, I picked out 20 items. As pictured below you can see that you have the option to prioritize items which means they will try to send those to your first. What I really loved about this experience is it challenged me to try out new styles and be more daring because I wouldn’t have to commit to the item. Plus no price tags to the item! So now I could pick an item for how I truly enjoyed it rather than settling for price.

Picking Items to Rent

I picked 20 to start out with and I added more along the way [this is why some items I got are not pictured]. As you can see you get to prioritize what items you wish to get first. However, this does not guarantee you will get them. You can also put items on hold if you decide you don’t really want them now. They send you 3 items of clothing at a time and it’s a random selection, sometimes you could have a box where you could wear all three items on one day and sometimes you can’t do that. Personally I enjoy a box where I can wear all the items at once. Once you get the box you can also purchase the items if you really like them. And you do get a discount on these items. Here’s an example of a box I had.

The Items I got!

Box 1

Box 2

Box 3

In Conclusion my American Eagle Style Drop Review

As you can see in some boxes I had items wear I could wear all the items at once whereas other boxes I had to mix items from my personal closet. In total I got three boxes and it gave me 6 days of different outfits in the month. Overall I found the outfits that I created very cute and I liked trying different styles. Some of the items looked better on me than I expected. My only concern is how few boxes I got in a month. Getting the boxes to me and getting them shipped back and waiting for the next box was time consuming. Personally I liked the clothes that I got from my Ann Taylor rental better than American Eagle. But overall this was a fun experience. For $50 I got almost a week’s full of clothes. Let me know what you think of this rental experience and please share your thoughts about it in the comments with me!

Update: American Eagle ended Style Drop

As of January 2020 American Eagle has brought an end to their Style Drop service. It looks like the service wasn’t really doing well. Overall I’m quite surprised because I thought out of all the individual brands that had their own subscription services I had felt that American Eagle had the best. So what does this mean for services like Infinite Style by Ann Taylor and NY&C Closet by New York and Co will these come to an end too? Well I guess only the future can tell!

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