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9 Cute Valentines Day Gift Ideas to Give Her!

Valentine’s day is right around the corner! Whether you’re single or taken you should take this day to treat yourself and show people you care and spread the love! That’s why I have come up with the best valentines day gifts to give!

1) Chocolates

heart shaped box for valentines day gift ideas
The usual box of chocolates I find myself getting during this time of year!

Giving chocolates on valentine’s day is such a classic move, because after halloween it’s probably the only other time of year you will get so much candy. Some people choose to buy the chocolates the day after valentines day when they go on sale, but if you really don’t know what to give a person for valentines day then chocolates are the safest way to go!

2) A Gift Certificate for a Spa/Salon

This is a gift that I think is really meaningful and shows that you care. Giving a person a day to treat themselves at a spa or a salon is really great for self-love and treating themselves. Besides experiences as better than items!

3) A Stuffed Animal

This one should be really easy to find because I see them all the time! A stuffed animal holding a heart is an adorable gift to give someone on valentine’s day. No matter how old you are stuffed animals will always hold a special part in your heart and they’re super cute and great to have as memories to look back at.

4) Jewelry!

Earrings, necklaces, bracelets or even a ring if you wanna take it a step further 😉 There are so many stores that sell heart shaped jewelry during this time of year. And if you’re not into heart shape jewelry that’s alright there’s still lots of other beautiful items to choose from! Jewelry is a great gift that stays special and can really be a nice piece to complete a person’s outfit!

5) Perfume

What could be better than a great scent! Valentine’s day has lots of great perfume sets that you can give. Some of my favorite latest perfumes are: Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium and Valentino Roma.

6) Makeup Sets

No matter what you think about this one a girl can never have too much makeup! I think Lancome comes up with the best makeup sets for valentine days so be sure to check them out!

7) Soft Blanket

This one was kinda random but I think a soft blanket is a really nice thing to give to share that warmth and coziness. Besides it’s still February and it’s cold outside! This gift is probably the most “useful” on this list.

8) Photo Album

If you have great photos then go ahead and print a photo album! In today’s digital world we don’t really print photos anymore but sometimes it’s really nice to just have a physical photo to go back and look at and remember the good memories.

9) Bath Bombs

A relaxing night in when you can’t make it to the spa! Check out some bath bombs at Lush and your gift will be da bomb! 😉

And those are our 9 Cute Valentines Day Gifts to Give Her! And if all else fails there’s always flowers for number 10. I hope you guys liked this and let me know in the comments what are you doing for valentine’s day and what are you gifting!

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