Scarf Season

Hey y’all! Sooooo autumn is like just next month so I thought before the season starts I’d give you a peek into my collection of scarfs. Scarfs are so comfy and in my opinion they are the absolutely cutest thing to spice up your outfit for the day! I’m not gonna present every scarf individually since they’re all quite similar!


This can be tough but here are some tips!

  • If it’s like winter or autumn go for thicker scarves as they blend in well with the season’s outfits. Choose more solid colors like my color block blue and green scarf (shown in the middle)
  • If you wanna wear a scarf for fun pick a transparent thin scarf like my sparkly ones (pink, purple ones)
  • Choose a color that complements what your wearing.
  • Scarf is the center attraction it can be worn in many ways find a style that suits what you are wearing.
  • If you wear a scarf make sure that the neck area of the piece you are wearing is unique. *** This is optional but some tops don’t always have to be like that.

Hope you liked it! Let me know what you think in the comments.

💜 Spectacular Girl