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Roxy Clothing Review- Summer Clothing

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I was looking for something summery and fun to put together for a cute outfit so I decided to search the Internet for something that reminded me of summer. Now I know it’s only April but we have been in a pandemic for over a year so a girl can only dream of summer! Anyhow in this blog post, I will be doing a Roxy Clothing Review! Going back to the story of me dreaming about summer that’s basically how I came across this brand. I was looking for brands with a So.Cal (Southern California) vibe think Hollister or BillaBong.

Where to buy Roxy Clothing?

I recommend buying Roxy clothing at their website or through Nordstrom. Both options have free shipping and returns.

The picture above is the outfit I purchased. (not including the bag of course!) I bought these paper bag shorts for $16.79 and this blue high hopes strappy crop top for $14.99. Both of these items were on sale so this outfit ended up costing me close to $30 which in my opinion is an amazing deal for a cute outfit like this!

The crop top is a great color! I loved this dark-light color of blue which was one of the main reasons I chose to buy this top. I bought this in a small size and I was worried it would be too big but it was actually fine. The top comes with adjustable straps so I didn’t have to worry about it not fitting. It hits a bit above the belly button.

The paperbag shorts are super cute! I generally never wear these types of shorts but I really like this and it’s nice to wear something different. I had a bit of a tough time getting them over my thighs but it is a bit loose fitting near the waist area for me. This was also purchased in a size small. It does come with an adjustable belt and it’s not too loose.

Overall thoughts on Roxy

I definitely do think I will be repurchasing from them! You can definitely get some great items from them and I think that their prices are fair. They have a rewards program called Roxy Girl Club. These rewards also work with Billabong, since they’re part of the same company. I haven’t shopped at BillaBong yet but it’s quite similar to Roxy. The rewards program isn’t that great, but it’s not terrible either. The points expire in a year on my account. For 200 points you get $15 off $25 which is the lowest redeemable reward and the highest redeemable reward is 1000 points to get $75 off $125. Basically, you get 60% off on whatever amount you redeem for. That’s my Roxy clothing review, you can explore more clothing reviews here on my blog!